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Johnny's Penis

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Started out so innocent but sure didn't end up like that.


Love reading these stories.

Back when I was 17 and in high school I and my high school boyfriend were at a party at a classmate's house. During the party I came into the living room and found all the chairs taken. Johnny got up and told me to sit in his chair. I told him to go ahead and keep his seat and he sat back down and I then sat in his lap. It was quite an innocent thing to do and I didn't think anything about it. But it sure didn't end up being so innocent.

As I sat there I started feeling things beginning to happen. I could feel this thing against my butt begin to get hard. The feel soon went from nothing to a big hard thing pressing against my butt. I soon figured what it was. It was Johnny's penis! Obviously my sitting in his lap in contact with it got him aroused. It felt so good against me and I felt somewhat flattered that I could get him like this so easily.

I then moved around a little and Johnny made some soft sounds when I did. I then spun around a little to look at his face. We looked at each other and I told him 'I can feel something'. Johnny's face turned a little bit red and he said 'I couldn't help it'. I turned back away from him and continued to squirm around a little bit all the while feeling it. It felt so big under me.

When it was time to go I got up and Johnny told me to wait a minute. I figured it was to give him a little time to come down from his arousal. After a few minutes we left. When we got in Johnny's car this was all that was on our minds. Johnny first told me 'I'm sorry Julie but I couldn't stop it from doing that'. I answered him 'please don't be sorry. I enjoyed feeling it'. We were then moving and I just had to ask him. 'Johnny, can I touch it again'? Johnny said 'it's hard again so if you want to'.

I didn't waste any time and reached over wrapping my hand around it in his pants. I told him 'Johnny, it feels so big'. He went to squirming in his seat. I then ask Johnny 'do you want to touch me too'? Johnny then reached over putting his hand between my legs. I was wearing pants so he couldn't feel much. I then asked him if there was some place we could go. Johnny said he knew a good place near his house so this was were we ended up at.

We parked and started kissing all the while having our hands on each other's genitals. I then started undoing his pants and Johnny started doing the same to me. We soon were nude from the waist down and continued our feeling each other up. I reached down showing Johnny where to touch me in my pussy and Johnny did the same with my hand on his penis. It didn't take long and I had a fantastic feeling orgasm. Right afterwards, Johnny also came off getting his cum on both of us. I'd always wanted to see this and it was sure a sight to see. When we had calmed down I started feeling his cum with my fingers. I remember the smell too. It was a smell all its own. Needless to say as a 17 year old teenager I certainly didn't want to taste it but have sure made up for that in later years.

After this first time it became a regular thing with us. I got where I couldn't keep my hands off his penis everytime we were alone. I was fasinated by it. I'd love to get into his car and would reach over catching it limp and I could then feel it as it grew and got erect. I loved feeling that. I also loved watching it cum off. That was and still is so neat to see.

This was years ago and Johnny and I have long since went our seperate ways but to this day I'll never forget Johnny and his rising penis.



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