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I've always wondered what it would be like to jack off with another guy, but I never thought that it would ever happen. Of course that all changed when I met Johnny.

From a straight point of view Johnny is a cute little fellow. He has sparkling brown eyes, short black hair which he likes to keep spiked, and a crisp tan that is complimented by light freckles. At first I took a liking to Johnny not because of his appearance but because of the way he treated me. You see I play soccer on my dad's youth soccer league and that gets me a lot of grief from the other players for being the 'coach's son.' Johnny is the only one that didn't show resentment towards me and with time we became fast friends.

One afternoon we were in the middle of practice and my dad separated us into two teams for a scrummage. One team was shirts and the other was skins and Johnny had to go to the skins side. As Johnny took off his shirt that was the first time I noticed how in the shape he was. My eyes remained glued on him throughout the entire practice as I admired his muscular body wishing I could have one like his. After practice I invited him over to my house to play video games for a little while.

After about an hour of playing he, out of the blue, started to talk about some girls at his school that he thought was hot. As he described their features my cock started to swell and as time flowed so did the pre-cum which caused a major spot on my soccer shorts. Johnny noticed this and as spontaneously as he started talking about the hot girls he asked if I wanted to jack off with him. I couldn't believe my ears. At first I hesitated but Johnny assured me that there was nothing wrong with two guys jacking, that he and his cousin did it all the time.

So we both pulled down our soccer shorts and went at it. Johnny and I took glances at each other now and then. I noticed that while my cock was a deep brown, his cock was more of a creamier or olive color. Nonetheless our cocks were both pretty big for our age. After a while Johnny and I stopped being shy about looking at each other and throughout the rest of the session we stared at each other head on. (No pun intended.)

Soon our cocks were completely slick with pre-cum and made a slurping noise when they were pulled down. Finally the moment came in which we both reached the point of no return and with one last heavy breath from me and a little moan from Johnny we both came about four good squirts of cum, me onto my hand and Johnny onto his abbed stomach. As we sat in our afterglow trying to catch our breaths Johnny said he was glad that we were friends. Frankly I was glad too.

We did more stuff together after that, but those are stories for another day.



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