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'John' Was Such a Gentleman

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'John' was a perfect gentleman. But there are times when I don't want a perfect gentleman. Just a MAN!


I was 19 when 'John' and I first dated. We had dinner and then went to a concert. On our second date, we took in a movie. John hardly made a move for me but we did kiss good night that night. On our third date, we went to a mall, parked and we kissed. We went in arm and arm and looked around just enjoying each other's company.

When we got back to his car, we again came together in a kiss. Again, John was the perfect gentleman with me. But, there are times when I didn't want a perfect gentleman. I want a MAN! And, this was one of those times.

I told John 'let's go to MacAurthur Park. It is so nice there in the evening'. He said OK and away we went. We got there and parked and talked a little bit and then we started kissing again. I was dying to feel his hands roam my body but no such luck. I finally realized that if I was going to get anywhere with him it was going to have to be me that makes the first move.

I knew by his heavy breathing that he was sexually aroused and that his cock was hard. There was no doubt in my mind about this. So, I did it. I put my hand down on John's thigh and moved it up to his lap where I found what I was looking far. His big, hard cock. And was it ever big and hard feeling. When I touched it, John gasped, broke from our kiss and looked at me straight in the eyes kind of shocked. I looked straight back and gave his cock a little squeeze. When I did this he again let out a gasp, closed his eyes and said 'Oh Naome'.

We then got cheek to cheek and I asked him 'does this feel good'? He answered 'Oh yes'. I then finally felt his hand cup one of my tits. I then told him 'your hand feels good to me too'. He then lowered his hand to the bottom of my skirt and started going up under it. I spread my legs to give him access. His hand slid up my leg feeling and squeezing it on its way to where my pussy was waiting. He ran his fingers up and down my slit through my panties. It felt so good.

I then told John 'let's get these things out of the way' and pulled my dress up to remove my panties. John also unbucked his belt and lowered his pants. We again came back together and this was better. I had john's cock in my hand and he had his fingers on and in my pussy. John soon had two fingers in me as he worked on my clit and I went over the edge with a powerful orgasm. I next went to work on John's cock. Before long, John held me close, his body stiffened up as he let out a loud grunt sound and started shooting cum. He was quite a man as shot after shot of the white stuff squirted from his cock ending up on his shirt, lap, my arm and hand. I'd never seen a man cum so much.

After this night, our relationship just grew and we got closer and closer. We soon after ended up in our own apartment and the sex is fantastic. John is still the perfect gentleman but at least now he has lost just enough of the 'perfect' thing to be quite a lover and sex partner. We plan on getting married this coming Summer. I plan on keeping this one. That's for sure.



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