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John and Me

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This happened to me about a week ago.


My buddy, John, and I have been friends since we were little kids, through sports and stuff. So naturally, as best friends do, he practically lives at my house.

Well, just last week, my parents went out of town for the weekend and John came over to keep me company. We had gone over to a friend's house earlier that day and decided to head back early. As I was getting undressed to take a shower, John talked to me while he sat on the sink. After I was done, I left the water running and stepped out to see that he was already naked and waiting on his turn to take a shower. This was no big deal since we always shower together at school.

John's about 6'2', built, tanned and a football player, but his best attribute is his huge dick. I glanced at it as he was getting in the shower. It was about five inches soft with shaved pubic hair. He laughed as he saw me look at it and asked me if I liked his shave job.

Embarassed, I asked him why the hell he did it. He told me it feels better and his girlfriend liked it. I walked into my room and threw on some boxers and asked John if he wanted to watch a porn with me. He called back from the shower to go ahead and start.

I put on a DVD and laid back on my bed and started stroking while I watched two guys bang a girl. After about ten minutes, I saw John walk out of the bathroom naked, holding his dick as he climbed up onto the bed next to me.

That was routine for us; we masterbated all the time, but never, have we ever touched each other, until that night. I handed John the lotion I was using, and told him he'd better catch up. As I watched him lube his smooth, hairless dick, I noticed he wasn't watching the movie; he was watching me. As weird as I thought it was, it really turned me on. So, I kept watching the movie even though I knew he was watching me.

All of a sudden, he stopped jerking and asked me if I wanted to try something new. I stopped and asked him what? He told me to lie back and if I didn't like it, he'd stop. So I agreed and laid back as I felt his hand wrap around my throbbing cock.

He slowly worked his way up my shaft to the tip of my head and back down to the bottom, slowly but steadily. I breathed heavily as his other hand cupped my balls and pulled at my scrotium. I closed my eyes as he started to speed up. I moaned loudly as my balls slapped my thighs and his hand slid up and down my hard cock. I gripped the pillow behind me and moaned that I was about to cum, when he suddenly took his hands off my balls and slowly slipped his middle finger into my anus, 'causing my butt hole to tighten and cum to explode from the head of my penis.

He rolled over, looked at me with the biggest smile on his face and whispered that it was his turn. I slowly caressed his stomach as my hand made my way down to his smooth pubic area. I tugged on his balls as I started to slowly jerk his cock. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have a finger in my butt so I decided to return the favor.

I rimmed his tight butt hole with my middle finger and slowly forced it into the warm hole as I sped up my stroking. I plunged my finger deeper into his asshole as his balls pounded against his thighs. He moaned as precum leaked from his huge purple head.

I felt him clinch his butt cheeks and his butt hole squeezed my finger as cum shot from his head onto his chest, belly, my face and all over my sheets. We both laid there exhausted as we decided to take a shower together. While we took a shower, he talked me into shaving my pubes and then we went for round two.



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