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John and I: 'Late Night Locker Room'

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Round Two, things start to get more interesting...


After John and I first realized how we felt (see my first story) we started to feel really nervous around each other. I can't speak for John but every time we sat next to each other in class my heart would start thumping in my chest and I'd have to check that my erection was properly hidden. So for about two weeks we went on as if nothing had happened, until one day after school our baseball coach asked us to go and lock up the locker rooms and leave the key on his desk, because he had to leave.

We went to the locker room and put our gloves, shoes, and hats in our lockers (it was only practice after all) and I was about to leave when John spoke up: 'Connor?'

'Yes?' I replied

'Remember last weekend when we...you know...messed around?'


'Do you want to keep doing that?'

'Do You?' (I know I did, but I was too scared to ask because I was sure the answer would be no.)

'I think so,' he gave me this little smile that always made me a little anxious, 'if you want to...'

I walked over and sat next to him, put my hand on his thigh, and said something I was sure I would never get the chance to say, 'yes!' He reached over and gave me a hug and then I decided to start right away, 'John, feel like taking a shower?'

We both got up and walked over to the locker room shower. Our school has these three one man shower stalls instead of a big one. When we got there I pulled off John's shirt from the back and then I removed his shoes and socks still from the back, and finally I pulled down his pants revealing his incredible butt. Then I turned him around to actually see him naked for the first time ever: he was amazing! He was already fully hard and he was about the same size as I was, except he was circumcised. I hurriedly undressed myself then we both stepped into the shower.

We got straight down to business, we started by standing facing one another and stroking each other, then I turned John around and reached under his arm to stimulate him while grinding my own cock up and down his backside as the water ran over us both. While my right hand pumped him to climax my left ran over his chest and onto his stomach. His right hand held the wall for support as his left came to meet with mine and hold it as we both came all over each other.

I slumped against him a little and then stood back up. He turned around and I threw caution to the winds and leaned forward and kissed him. And he kissed me back, then we walked out of the shower, got dressed, and headed outside. In front of the gym we started to part ways, then we turned around and kissed one more time before we parted and walked home.



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