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Joey's Scar

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Great site - true story


In the summer of my junior year, my family went on a missions trip with our church to Mexico. The trip lasted for 10 days. It was incredible. We were building on an orphanage. The first half of the trip was sightseeing in the mountains and the other half was really hard work. Everyone was there with their families except Joey. His dad had to have gob ladder surgery a few days before the trip so he and his wife couldn't make it. My dad offered to act as guardian for Joey. Joey went to church and school in another county. He was going to be a sophomore in the fall. He was a little shy, but we found lots in common on the trip. He had dark hair and had an average build.

On the sightseeing trip, each guy and their dad slept in individual tents. We had let Joey stay with us. It was extremely tight, but it was cold at night. By the early morning we all were cuddled up. It really made for jokes each night, but my dad did everything to make Joey feel like a part of the family. We slept fully clothed and nothing weird happened. The only time anybody got near naked was when we bathed in a mountain stream. Dad had told us that morning to make sure we wore boxers. Joey even kept his t shirt on while we swam.

Things started getting interesting when the work started. The girls took their sightseeing trip into the city, and we began laying bricks. Actually our dads laid the bricks. The other guys and I carried bricks, sifted sand, mixed the concrete. I have never worked that hard. It was so hot and the sun was like it was only yards away. We finally talked our dads into letting us take off our shirts. Joey would not take his off and we really were starting think he was weird. I found out later that night that he had surgery when he was little on his heart and had a scar in the middle of his chest. I told the other guys and we assured him that it did not matter.

Down off the mountain, it stayed hot. Even my dad slept in his underwear, and that was something. I was seventeen and had never seen my dad be that immodest in front of a non-family member. I followed and then Joey. There was a lot light in the room from the sign outside so I could clearly see Joey's scar. It really wasn't that bad. He had what I considered to be a perfect chest. I didn't ever pay attention to what guys had under their pants but I was always comparing my chest with other guys.

He was completely smooth and completely white. I live without my shirt as much as I can, so I was sporting a nice tan. The next morning as we were getting ready, Mom called and made dad promise to make us wear sunscreen. My dad rubbed it on my back and I on his. Dad was not comfortable putting on another kid so he told me to. After a little arguing and being grossed out, I surrendered. It was the first time I had ever touched a guy for more than two seconds. I was doing fine until Joey said that I did that 'good' and that I could give him a massage later. At the time I thought he was joking. But I did feel a little activity in the lower region.

After working all day, there was not much chat at night. One was because my dad was there and the other was we were dead tired. I got up in the middle of the night to piss and saw Joey laying there uncovered in just his briefs laying face up sporting a boner. I was mesmerized. I had never seen another boner except my own. I even got my own. I dismissed as just being jack-off free for eight days. I made it into the bathroom and ended that.

The next morning and each morning that I rubbed the sunscreen on Joey's back, I recalled that sight and was starting to feel real weird.

The last night, the guys had a bonfire and we talked about how it felt helping the orphans and Joey thanked all of us for making him feel comfortable. Our dads went to get a drink and left us there talking around the fire. One of the other guys said he couldn't wait to get home to and get some relief from his girl friend. He was always talking about his (fictitious) exploits with girls so one of the other guys said he would have to go home and take care of himself. All the guys laughed and then changed the subject to the soccer game we played against the locals that afternoon.

After the flight home, Joey was told that his dad had to go back into the hospital. Apparently, there was more wrong than a gob ladder, but that he was going to be ok. He would have to go home with us.

It was the first time that he and I would sleep alone in the room with me. We got home and I was unpacking and we were talking. I took out the sunscreen and laid it down. He said I owed him a massage. I don't to this day know why, but I told him sure. He took off his shirt and lay on the bed. I squeezed the sunscreen on my palms and began rubbing it on his back. He said that it felt sooo good. I asked him if he wanted his legs rubbed and he did so rubbed them I did. His shorts were getting in the way of his thighs so I asked him to pull them off. He did and I rubbed them right up to his ass. Then I stopped. He rolled over and said thanks. I still had lotion on my hands and was looking for a place to wipe it off and he told me to rub some on his chest. So I did. As I went lower, I noticed his hard on, but I did not say anything because I had one also. I put some lotion on my hand and started rubbing his upper thigh. He lifted his leg and his balls fell out of his briefs and there was a spot of precum on his underwear.

He teasingly apologized for the hard on and said that he had not jacked for two weeks. I told him about the night I saw him and that I had gone to the bathroom to rub on off. I said, 'You know, Joey, I've rubbed everywhere else . . . .' and with that he picked up his ass and pulled off his briefs. There it was. Now I was seeing it all and was once again mesmerized. Six inches perfect. I reached down and adjusted myself and he encouraged me to free willy. I did. I then reached over and rubbed Joey to completion. His rope of cum hit his chin and he let out a groan that prompted my dad to tell us to get quiet and go to sleep. Joey's cum was dripping down my hand and I was awed at what had happened. He grabbed me and with three or four pumps, I was erupting. My cum did not shoot, but loads just flowed out. It was all over his hand and in my hair. We just started giggling and once again, my dad hollered, 'Don't make me come in there.' We never became 'boyfriends' but stayed very close and were 'playmates for two years. When I left for college, I was once again on my own.



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