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During my senior year in college I struck up a casual friendship with a girl in one of my finance classes. Her name was Jodie. She was a 5' 1', short-haired blonde, weighed about 100 lbs., had creamy white skin, big blue eyes, and never seemed to wear a bra. Her large breast always seemed to be sporting perfectly erect nipples pushing through her sweaters or blouses. As far as I was concerned she was a perfect doll. I had lunch with her on several occasions and found out that she was living with a guy and was working part time as an exotic dancer to pay for college. I thought to myself, this could be trouble so just enjoyed looking and talking.
Late one Friday evening I got a call from Jodie. She had a fight with her boyfriend and wanted to know if it was ok for her to come spend the night with me. I said are you sure? She said that I was the only person she knew in town that she could trust. I told her sure I have a couch that you can sleep on.
About midnight she knocked on my door carrying a small bag. Over the next two hours we talked, sipped a couple of glasses of wine and had light snacks. I told her it was time for me to hit the sack, and got her a blanket and pillow. I went to my bedroom took off my clothes leaving on my boxers since I had company. She came out of the bathroom in a brown satin baby doll with brown satin panties. Turned on the lights in my bedroom and asked if it was ok for her to sleep with me instead of on the couch. I said sure. She crawled into my bed and I noticed bruises on her arms. I touched them and ask if her boyfriend had done that. She looked down and said yes. I grimaced and offered to call the police. Jodie assured me that she could handle it. I got out of bed and turned out the lights. After getting back in bed with Jodie, I turned to her and asked if I could do something? She asked me what? I leaned over and gave her a peck on the lips and lay back down. After a few seconds she asked me if it was ok for her to hold me, that's all I want. She rolled over, put her left arm over my right shoulder, her left leg over my left leg, and nuzzled her face on my neck.
The feeling of having this beautiful girl on top of me made me erect within seconds. To make matters worse, I was 6' 2' so her knee was lying directly over my crotch. I decided it would not be right to do anything and just lay there with my erection pushing against her knee. It took me an hour to fall asleep because every breath or movement Jodie made just got me more excited. I woke up the next day with Jodie slowly moving on top of me. I still had a pounding erection. She looked me in the eyes and said she was ready to deal with her problems. She went to get a shower and I put on a robe and went to fix breakfast for us. After breakfast, Jodie packed her bag and I walked her to the door. She again looked me in the eyes, said thank you so much, come down hear. I leaned over and she wrapped her arms around her neck and gave me a long French kiss. She then whispered I saw you have skin lotion in your bathroom you need to take care of that thing as soon as I leave.
Within 30 seconds of the door closing I was pounding my meat and blew one of the most memorable loads of my life.
Jodie took me out to dinner four days later as a thank you. She had left her boyfriend and moved. She winked and asked if I had taken her advice. I nodded and grinned. She then gave me another long deep kiss.
After graduation Jodie called me to let me know that she had taken a job with a major insurance company, and that she was still thankful for what I had done that weekend.



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