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J/O With My 53-Year-Old Uncle

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This happened when i was 13-14 years old but i can still remember it and enjoy the memory. My parents were going for a weekend vacation and took me to my uncle Tony's house to stay for the weekend. When i went there, my aunt was going to leave and no one was home. She told me to get inside and settle up and my uncle would be there in a while. I went inside and took my clothes out of the bag, put them in the drawer and went to watch TV.
Half an hour had passed and my uncle hadnt come home yet. I went to the bathroom, pulled down my pants and peed. When i pulled up my pants, i saw my boxers and remembered that i heard that my uncle wore boxers too. I rushed into his bedroom and opened his drawer. It was fool of lovely boxers with different prints on them and patterns. I was gonna go mad because i was really mad about boxers that period. I took em out and started wearing them one by one and looking at myself in the mirror. In a while all of the boxers were lying on the floor and on the bed. Then, i found myself wearing a 101 dalmatians boxers and gave me a hard-on. I pulled my dick out of the front hole and started to jerk off.
In the mean time my uncle had come home but i didn't hear him. He came into the bedroom and found me j/o on his bed, wearing his boxers. I was so embarrased and i got up but he told me to continue what i was doing. I lied back on the bed having a good time and he just stood there and watched me.
After some time i ejaculated with pleasure. He told me to clean myself and go to watch TV. I went and he stayed locked in the bedroom. After about 30-35 minutes he called me back into the bedroom to find him in his boxers lying on the bed, holding some sheets of paper. I sat next to him and he started to talk to me about masturbation and his early years as a young jerker and in the end he showed me some techiques he used to use.
Then he pulled out a videotape and put it in the VCR. "Let's see you practice those techniques,son", he said, and played the tape. It was a porn tape and i started j/o with pleasure using his techniques. It felt really really good but after a while i ejaculated. "oh no" i said. "I didnt try all the techniques" i said and he turns to me and says "Dont worry, you can try them on me" and then pulled his boxers down. And there he was, fully naked with a huge dick hanging down. It was huge, must have been 9-10 "". I was suprised. "come on then" he said and i grabbed his cock. I couldnt believe i was j/o my uncle.
But good things die quickly and he ejaculated. We switched off the VCR and went into the bathroom to clean ourselves up. In the bathroom we talked about sex and stuff. I learned a lot that night. When we got dressed up, he picked up a book and opened it. It was a sex book and showed you different techniques about sex. We studied it for some time and then he says to me "since u jerked me off before, now let me give you pleasure by showing you how to lick women". He pulled down my shorts and started licking my cock. It felt really good. It was my first blowjob. He told me to warn him when i was going to ejaculate but i forgot so i had cum in his mouth. "mmmm, sweet" he said. He then cleaned me up and we both went to bed then.
It was the best night i have ever spent in my life. We still meet with my uncle and we j/o each other and swap boxers. I love spending time with him.



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