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J/O Session With Best Friend

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This is something that I've been wanting for years now, and it finally happened last week. My best friend of 13 years is going through some tough times with his marriage... we'll call him 'Jon'. During the course of our friendship I told him that I was attracted to guys and that I had a small crush on him. Jon being straight made it a point to tell me that he wasn't into guys if that was what I was thinking, but that he was flattered by my crush on him. I made this revelation to him about 4 years ago. Since then it seems like we've grown closer as friends. With him calling me all the time and asking a lot of questions about sex with other guys. He then made it point to ask if I ever thought of him in a sexual way. I told him yes, but only in certain ways. Like wanting to give him a blow job, or a hand job.

Then last week arrives and he comes over to my apartment feeling down about his soon to be over marriage. I quickly decide to try and take his mind off the matter and switch to some late night cable porn. He then looks at the TV and seems pretty pleased at what's on. Even though it's straight porn, I'm still turned on by the fact that it's sex, and that Jon is turned on by it also. This is soon revealed by the big bulge in his jeans. I had seen Jon naked before in locker rooms and such, but I had never seen him fully erect. By the looks of what was bulging in his pants I could tell he was working with quite a package. Just from seeing this I start to get fully hard as well and start rubbing my cock through my pants. He then turns to me and ask if the movie was turning me on too. I just nodded and continued rubbing while he watched. I then unzipped my pants and pulled my cock through the opening of my boxers and started stroking.

Jon seemed pretty amazed at the size of my cock (8' to be exact). Then I decided to be really brazen and reached over to Jon's throbbing bulge and started rubbing on it. He seemed quite nervous at first by asking what I was doing. I responded by just saying I was messing around, and kept rubbing on his cock. I then told him we should just rub one out and get it over with. He then proceeds to undo his pants and whips his cock out also. I was right; it was just as big as my cock with a thick head also. We starting stroking our cocks and I told him that I usually stroke mine pretty fast. He said he does the same also, but he like to stand up when he cums. I told him I usually like to lie or sit down when I cum, and that I like to cum on my stomach and chest. Which then gave him an idea for me to lie down between his legs on the floor while he stood above me.

He stroked his cock even faster, while I looked up at him and continued stroking mine. I wanted to hold off until he came just so I could cherish the moment when I saw his cum coming out of his big thick cock. But I couldn't hold off to long and came quite a lot. All on my chest, stomach, and on the back of his legs. Just as soon as I had cum he was coming too. He came all on my chest and face, and it was the greatest feeling in the world. Just to know that I had waited for 10 years for that very moment made me the happiest person in the world.

After cleaning up we just smiled and laughed at each other. He asked me if that's what I've been dreaming of all these years. I told him 'oh yeah, amongst other things.' He said that with everything he's going through right now, that we'd probably be spending more time together anyway. In turn he asked me if next time we could go and rent some real porn from the video store and come back and do the same thing. Of course I was in total agreement, and looks like we'll be getting together over Memorial Day weekend. Which in my opinion will be a weekend to definitely remember.



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