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Jo in the Woods

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I recently read a story about someone's early masturbation experiences outdoors, and I was reminded of some of my own early experiences. I began masturbating at a young age; I really don't remember a time when I didn't enjoy pleasuring myself. When I was growing up, I shared a bedroom with my younger brother, so I was somewhat limited in when I could masturbate at home, so I came to enjoy being off by myself in the nearby woods and fields around the suburban neighborhood where we lived. I would often ride my bicycle into the woods, and found several secluded places where I could be alone without worrying about someone seeing me. I really enjoyed getting naked and feeling the sun and fresh air on my young, hard cock. One warm summer day, as I was riding down the street toward my favorite jerk-off place, I ran into a friend of mine, whom I'll call Joe. Asking me where I was headed, I nonchalantly replied, nowhere special, just riding around. Joe said he had something to show me. Following him into the woods, he led me to a small clearing, where he went into a large clump of brush, and pulled out a plastic bag from under a piece of plywood. In the bag were a couple of Playboy magazines that he said he had gotten from his older brother. He had been keeping them out in the woods to keep his mother from finding them. Sitting down on a log, we both took a magazine and began looking through them. This was the first time I had had anything like this in my hands, and I was excited beyond belief. As I gazed upon the sexy, naked girls on the pages, I felt my cock getting rock hard in my shorts. I started thinking about how great it would be to come back when Joe wasn't around, so I could get naked and jack off while looking at the magazines. That's when Joe surprised me, and told me he wanted to do something he did by himself here, and asked if I had a problem if he made himself more comfortable while we looked at the mags. Not sure what he had in mind, I hesitatingly said sure. With that, he stood up and removed his shoes, socks, shorts and underwear. He let his hard cock bob in the sun for a few minutes, and then he slid his shorts back on, minus his underwear. He told me it gave his cock some room to breathe, and felt great. He then suggested I try it as well. Shrugging, I said sure. Standing up, and not quite believing that I was doing this, I stripped down completely, and pulled my shorts back up on my naked, throbbing hard cock. Sitting back down, we continued to look over the pictures, commenting on each one, and both getting more aroused as time went by. Before long, we both realized we needed some relief before we exploded. We were both occasionally rubbing our hard cocks through our shorts, trying to make it look accidental and totally casual. Joe commented that the only thing better than getting a hard-on was getting rid of one. With that, we both looked at each other, and kind of shrugged and slid off our shorts. We both sat back down, totally naked and began stroking our cocks with the magazines open on the ground in front of us. It wasn't long before I felt myself ready to come, and began shooting my load all over the ground. Joe quickly followed suit, and with a grunt, his cock began spurting come all over as well. We both relaxed for a while, and caught our breath, enjoying being naked outside. Eventually we got dressed, put the mags back in their hiding place, and headed home. This started a fairly regular habit of the two of us sharing sexy pictures and stories, and jacking-off together. Eventually we began touching each others hard cocks, and stroking each other off. A couple of times we even sucked each other off, which was really great. Looking back, I remember some great sexual experiences during my pre and early teen years. While I definitely love having sex with women, and haven't touched another male since then, I often think about how great it would be to suck another guys cock again and make him come with my mouth.



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