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J/O Buddy

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First time for a long time


For some time I had been thinking about an experience I had many years ago while in the Army and chatting to an online friend about it led me to begin checking an online meeting site a couple of times a week. None of the posts had much appeal for me until one particular post caught my eye. The guy said he was married, in his 50's and wanted to find a friend 'with benefits'.
Overcoming my nerves I sent a reply and to my astonishment soon received a message back asking for more details about myself. I told him that I also was married but loved masturbating and wanted to find a male friend to enjoy it with. After several more exchanges we set a tentative day and time to meet but as it happened I was near where he worked the day before that and so, at the last minute the plans were changed and I suddenly found myself on the way to a local coffee shop. I was terribly nervous but determined to go through with the meeting. I figured that, even if by some chance we already knew each other we were both admitting our yearnings so what the hell? Finally, I was in the coffee shop car park and shortly after a car pulled up along side mine (I had told him what I was driving) and this very smart looking tanned guy climbed out and approached my vehicle. I jumped out and soon we were shaking hands and going in to get coffee. It was a hot day so we took our drinks outside where there was more privacy and began to chat. At first it was just general while we got used to each other but soon the talk moved to masturbation and I related to him my army experience and he told me about something that happened to him while in college. The meeting went well and we parted with the understanding that we would get together sometime soon. I remember shaking with nerves and excitement when I got back in my car. The next day (or it may have been a day later, I don't remember) He e mailed me again and asked if I was still interested. Of course I said yes very much so and we arranged for him to come to my house. The wait for him to arrive was excruciating and I was very relieved when his car turned the corner and he parked across the street. We were dressed almost identically, short sleeved shirts, lightweight knee length shorts and sandals. I wondered if he, like me, was not wearing underwear. We entered the house and I fixed cold drinks then we went into the living room where I had set up my laptop with a nice selection of pictures and videos for us to look at. After more small talk I suggested we watched a slide show and he readily agreed. We sat side by side on the sofa with the laptop on a coffee table in front of us and began to watch and comment on the women (and occasional man). We both began to relax and before long were rubbing ourselves through our shorts. He confessed that he had been hard the entire time he had been driving to my place and he pressed the material of his shorts down over his erection to show just how hard he was. We continued rubbing ourselves and I started a video showing both men and women. He was laying back on the settee now and asked if I minded him unzipping his shorts. Of course I said no I didn't mind and he did so, reaching inside them to caress himself. It was soon apparent that he was very uncomfortable like that and I said 'take it out if you want to, that's what we are here for'. He then pulled his cock out and my heart leapt. It was beautiful. Circumcised, about 7" long and very thick. I was instantly jealous because I am small by comparison. I tried not to stare as he began to masturbate and soon I had my own cock out too and we laid back side by side stroking. He pushed his shorts further down so he could spread his legs more and at that point I couldn't wait any longer and just flat out asked him if I could touch it. He took his hand away and his erection was just sticking straight up. Nervously I reached over and ran my fingertips up it. He was so hard but the skin was like velvet. I wrapped my hand around it and gently rubbed him. He put his hands behind his head and just lay back watching me stroke him. After a few minutes of this we went back to stroking ourselves and then he touched me but I was so nervous about being in my house and my wife possibly coming home that I couldn't get hard. Finally, I could tell that he was getting close to an orgasm so I pretty much stopped what I was doing and just watched him. It was so erotic watching this good looking, tanned man getting himself off and when he finally came it was gallons.......all over his stomach. We relaxed for a few minutes and talked about what had just taken place. We very quickly agreed that it had been very enjoyable and that we both wanted to do it again. We tidied up and soon it was time for him to go, but, as we went to go outside to his car I stopped him and we took one last chance to touch each others cock through our shorts. He was still semi hard and he told me he would have tried for a second orgasm if we had more time. After he had gone I just sat in my lazy boy staring at the sofa not quite believing what had just taken place there but oh so glad that it had. Since then we have met twice more and each time it has been better as we get to know each other and become more relaxed. Now I have a problem because my wife has had surgery and I have to be home to care for her. I just hope R doesn't get fed up with waiting because I love every minute I spend with him and his beautiful penis.



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