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Jet Stream

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My brother told me about this site, and I'm awfully glad he did! He taught me how to jack-off when I was 10 and he was 12, and the first time I ever ejaculated was one night when I was 11 and he jacked me off while I was asleep. (We shared a bed at the time, and both masturbated nearly every night.) My orgasm woke me up, and I could feel the wetness of my cum and thought he'd made me bleed somehow. I cursed at him, and he laughed and said that I'd finally become a man. The next day, a Saturday, we met some of his friends and sneaked into the high school gym for a circle jerk. He told the others about how I had 'shot' the night before, and they all insisted that I show them that I could, indeed, ejaculate cum. So I jacked off for them and shot all over the gym floor. After that, they all pulled out their pricks and started jacking off.

But that's not what I'm really writing about. I had a friend named Raford who was a year younger than I was and we played together frequently. One summer day, we were on the high school campus, I was 14 by then, and Raford was 13, and he said, 'I know how to get into the auditorium.' I asked him how, and he went to a window on the side of the building and climbed up on the sill. Then he showed me the broken window pane at the top of the window, stuck his finger through the break, and twisted the latch so that we could raise the window. I thought this was great fun, sneaking into the school when nobody was there.

Once inside he said, 'Let's go up to the band practice room.' What they'd done was to convert what had been the auditorium balcony into a practice room for the school band, putting a heavy canvas curtain along the balcony railing so that the noise would be muffled when the band practiced.

We went up the stairs together and sat down in a couple of chairs. He asked me if I'd ever fucked a girl, and I said no, had he? He said he hadn't, but that morning he happened to see his older brother, who was a couple of years older than I was, fucking his sister, who was in my class in school. His parents had gone to the ranch, and his brother thought that Raford had gone with them, and when Raford had heard noise coming from his sister's room, he'd gone and peeped in the door. He guessed his brother and sister did that a lot, because they both seemed to be enjoying it.

Well, his story made me get a hard-on, and when I looked at his crotch, I saw a bulge there, too. I laughed and asked him if he'd like to fuck his sister and he said he sure would. I said I would, too, and laughingly suggested that he try to fix it so that we could both fuck her.

Then he said, 'This is making me horny. Do you ever jack off?' I laughed and said, 'Sure.' and he said, 'Do you want to do it now?'

I was a little surprised, but said, 'Sure,' at which he undid his pants and pulled out his hard cock. I was pretty surprised at how big it was, a little bigger than mine, which was only about five inches long then. I guess he would have measured five and a half inches or maybe even six inches, and his was a bit bigger round than mine, too. While mine had a slight bend to the left, his stood straight out, but curved back toward his body somewhat.

Anyhow, we sat back in our chairs, which were on the front row, and started masturbating. After a while, I was getting pretty close to cumming, and I figured he was, too, and then I saw him sit up straight and push down on his cock as he kept pumping it. Then he let out a kind of grunting sound and he started shooting cum, and I do mean shooting, because his stream of semen went flying all the way to the canvas curtain at the edge of the balcony. It must have been at least ten feet away, and his first three shots spattered against the curtain. The last three or four just squirted out on the floor between him and the curtain. Seeing his ejaculation brought me off too, but my stream shot out only about three feet at the most.

I was really amazed at how strong his stream was, and I asked him if he always shot it that far. He said he did and I asked him if he knew why he could shoot so much further than I could. He shook his head, no, and said it just happened that way.

I've never figured out if his urethra was simply smaller, making the stream more restricted, or if he maybe had ejaculatory muscles that were much, much stronger than mine, or anybody else I'd ever jacked off with, before or since.

For about the next year, I jacked off with him frequently, and I was always amazed at how far he could shoot his cum. I've never seen anyone who could come anywhere close to ejaculating as far as Raford could shoot his cum.



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