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Jerry & Chuck

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Jerry & Chuck
I met Chuck for the first time on the school bus. I was in the seventh grade, my first year in junior high. He was an upperclassman in the eighth grade. I had seen him around school and thought he was pretty cool. He was a good looking guy and was well admired by the girls. He possessed the same charisma that Elvis Presley had. His was trim and had the perfect waist to hip ratio that had the girls watch him from behind as he strolled down the hall. I had heard the girls talk about what a great kisser he was and if they had not made out with him they wished they would soon. He did not seem to realize the power he had over others.
We lived not far from each other in our rural community. I lived on the main road and Chuck lived on the road that forked off like a "Y" from it. There was a pine forest owned by St. Regis Paper Company between our houses. Chuck agreed to come visit my house the next day and we started a friendship that had us traveling the fire lane through the pine trees frequently.
It was 1963 and I was 12 years old. I knew very little about girls or sex other than the standard "birds & the bees" talk my Dad had given me. Chuck was 13 and  seemed to be better informed and experienced about those matters.
In our walks through the woods he would tell me about girls and sex and any personal experiences he had with them. He usually had a girl friend and he kept me informed about the goings on. I was kind of shocked one day to discover that he masturbated. On one of the nights that he slept over at our house I accidentally walked in the bathroom while he was in the shower. I was amazed to see him standing there holding his hard swollen uncircumcised cock that was almost red from the stroking. I hesitated staring at him, as much because of the erection but also the foreskin which he now had slid down over the head. I was circumcised and did not even know that boys had cocks that were not. Embarrassed, I left immediately and nothing was said until later in bed. I had an antique double bed in my room which we slept in together. We had always spent our time there chatting about this girl or that girl and the things that he had done with them. He told me that night that his cousin from out of state had visited the past summer vacation and showed him how he "jacked off." He said that his cock had been getting hard for awhile before that but after the instruction from his cousin, he started masturbating occasionally and now on a daily basis. Sometimes he would masturbate more that once a day on weekends. As I looked on he silently demonstrated by rubbing his cock, which seemed enormous for a 13 year old. Chuck said the more you play with it the bigger it gets. He went on to squeeze and slide the drops of lubricant over the head of his cock and down the shaft until cum spurted out and onto his chest and belly. I was wide-eyed and amazed.
We continued on the same schedule of visiting each other on Saturday nights. We would alternate between our houses. I knew he would be masturbating as he lay beside me in bed. I would usually try to observe without being obvious, almost like a peep show. I was experiencing more and more erections and a couple of wet dreams but did not actively pursue fulfillment.
Summer vacation was about over. This Saturday night it was my turn to stay over at Chuck's house. He only had a single bed in his room so we always slept on the hide-a-bed in his living room. We stayed up late watching television with his sisters and parents. His mom prepared the hide-a-bed for us and every one went to bed. Whispering, Chuck started telling me about how his girlfriend Sheila had gone down on him as they were making out the night before. He told me how her pussy felt as he was feeling her up and how she then put his cock in her mouth and started sucking it and how he shot his load all over her hand.
I knew what he was doing under the covers but my hoodless cock had grown to match his hooded joystick and the bedcover looked like two teepees on that hide-a-bed that night. Chuck noticed my situation and asked me if I had been taking care of that kind of thing. I had not, but had thought more about it lately. Usually I would just take my mind off the subject until it went away but his whispering tales kept that from happening this evening. Still I could not bring myself to take things in hand. I believe Chuck must have sensed my confusion and to my surprise he moved his hand under the cover and under the elastic of my underwear wrapping his warm fingers around my cock. He slowly moved his fingers up and down the shaft and over the head. I was trapped between stop and go. I thought stop but could not say it. Go was what I wanted. Like he was using Braille he explored every centimeter of my manhood. He delicately outlined every surface, texture and ridge. My cock strained under his touch to define every muscle and blood vessel for his touch. We were both silent. We were good friends. He recognized my need for guidance on my journey and he was providing that guidance. It was like we were in a trance. I think he thought of it as just something that had to be done. A bridge that had to be crossed.
I slipped my underwear down to my knees and pulled the covers back freeing my cock to rise to its fullest. All the while Chuck kept up his tender massage. I had no thought that night about the repercussions from a possible interruption by his parents, luckily that did not happen.
I was lying on the left side of the bed. Chuck lifted up on his left elbow and watched as his right hand did its delicious work. He leaned down closer and no sooner than I was wondering if he was thinking about demonstrating what he had experienced from Sheila that he lowered his lips over the head of my hard cock and slipped his mouth down until his tongue softly explored the ridges underneath the head and his upper teeth were gently caressed the bottom of the ridge on the top. He had obviously learned a lot from his time with Sheila. My cock was pulsing and throbbing from being pleased for the first time. He licked and sucked on my cock head and slowly slid further down the shaft and sucking back up to its glistening head. As big as my cock had grown he was unable to sink more than halfway down its shaft. His hand massaged the bottom half in rhythm with his mouth. He continued this for several minutes.
Warm and tingling I could feel an unknown sensation growing in my testicles and cock. Raising my cock further into the air my buttocks tensed. Looking down at Chuck's head bobbing up and down on my cock it seemed to be of monstrous size, a man's cock now I thought.
I could hardly keep the groans from escaping, instead the muscles of my abdomen vibrated to satisfy those groans. Chuck's left hand on my stomach must have felt those vibrations. He lifted his head off my engorged cock and wrapped both hands around it and gently squeezing at the base of the shaft he rubbed all the wetness of his mouth and my lubricant up and down the shaft and head. All his experience playing with his own cock came into play as I could feel his grip a little firmer on the upstroke. I felt the switch turn on inside me as my cocked jerked and all the muscles in my butt pushed that first spurt of cum into the air. Again and again my cock gushed streams of cum out onto Chuck's hands like a volcano erupting. He slowly decreased the pressure his well-oiled hand was applying as my cock began to soften and shrink some. One thing I knew was it would never shrink back to its previous size.
Chuck took my cherry that night. He and I continued to have occasional flings but once we tasted the full pleasures that a woman can give we drifted away from these pleasures by the time we were 16 & 17.
If my wife and I ever need a boost I recant this wonderful story to her as I make out with her and fondle her wonderful pussy. Sometimes I think about inviting Chuck over to our hide-a-bed.



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