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Jerry and I

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I hope you enjoy the detail-it definitely helps me


When I was thirteen, my best friend was named Jerry. He was of medium height, pretty skinny, and definitely cute. One day, we had just finished going swimming and his brother was locked in the bathroom.

We had nowhere else to change and really wanted to get out of the wet clothes, and gradually started talking about sex and masturbation.

He asked me if I had ever done it, and I admitted that I had but all that I had done was touch my pussy. I had never had an orgasm, or even rubbed it. He told me that he had never masturbated, and the thought of him being so innocent turned me on. We agreed to change in front of each other, and I would teach him how to masturbate.

He wasn't wearing a shirt, and I could see the small outline of his penis through his swim shorts. I dragged them off and they squeaked against his wet legs. His tiny, glistening penis glared out at me, with a few small wisps of pubic hair at the top of his balls. First, I closed my hand around his hard penis, and he groaned. With my other hand, I cupped his balls. I moved my hand up and down quickly. This made him so much hornier that he sat down, and spread his legs. I moved my hand all over his butt and rubbed his penis harder and faster until ropes of cum shot onto my bare tummy, even though I was wearing a bikini top and bottom.

He grinned at me, and told me that was amazing. I said I loved his penis, so we played with it for a while, and I tilted it up onto his tummy, soft, small, and wet. His balls lay on the cold wood floor, as he kept his legs spread.

He said that it was my turn now, and I took off my bikini tops. My tits were insanely small, but I could see that it turned him on as his penis sprung up again! He played with my nipples and licked them. I could tell that he was hungry for more. He hooked a finger on the back of my swim panties, and begin to pull, until my naked wet butt was facing him. I turned slowly and he saw my very small hairy, extremely tight teenage pussy. I spread my legs while sitting next to him.

I could see that he was confused on what to do. I picked up his hand and placed it, cupping my pussy. He took his fingers and lightly dragged them up and down my slit, teasing me and only making me wetter until my wetness literally dripped onto his hand! I could see his eyes grow wide. He placed his hand over my pussy and began to rub up and down, side to side, pinching it together, pulling it apart. He flicked it and grabbed the nearest object, a tv remote, to drag up and down it. I was practically soaking by now. He put his hand on top of my pussy and furiously began to rub up and down.

To help him out, I lay down, put my knees up, spread my legs, and let him go as fast as he could. I was so close. his hand pumped and pumped like a vibrator when suddenly he stopped and went back to teasing me!

He took his fingers and lightly flicked and tapped my wide open, tiny slit. I groaned and he went back to rubbing until my pussy burned. After a minute, I placed my hand on top of his to make the rubbing stronger, until a burning sensation started. I felt amazing and flopped up and down on the cold wooden floor, and he stuck his fingers in slightly as my pussy walls opened and closed around his fingers. I had the best orgasm I've had to this day.



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