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Jerking With Cheryl

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This is one of my best, true memories of an actual life experience to jerk off to. Hope it works for the reader-jack or jill.


A hot, reddish-blond girl named Cheryl and I had gotten together one night in the mall.. We had just started seeing each other in the previous week but things had been getting intense. We were making out in the car park of a shopping mall late one night. We were standing between parked cars in a quiet part of the lot. We had been getting into it but she had been saying it was too soon for having sex, just yet. I did get pretty hard though and after a while she had been rubbing her hips and hands against my raging hard on, making it all the worse. I had told her so. Cheryl smiled, unzipped my jeans and let my cock spring out. She started jerking me off and giving tongue at the same time. It felt so good feeling her tense body pressed up against me as she grabbed me by the neck with one hand and jerked me with the other. Her tongue betrayed her own horniness. After a while I could feel my orgasm building. She jerked faster and then suddenly I exploded cum all over the side door of the car next to us. She said that she felt the burst of cum actually bulge through my cock in her hand. I kept blasting spurts for a few more seconds. I told her that I'd love to see her get herself off as well...someday.

She smiled again, and licked what was left of my cum off of her hand. She looked around to see if there had been anyone around. There hadn't been. She said to open the door of my car, which I did. She took off her shoes, jeans and panties, handed them to me and got into the front passenger's front seat of my car. Then she told me to get in as well.

I threw her stuff in the back. She turned in the seat and opened her legs, fingers busy in her pussy. Though spent, I could feel my cock twitch as she had looked so hot. She put one leg on my legs and another over the seat, resting her head against the passenger window. By now Cheryl's eyes were half closed as she continued slipping fingers into her well trimmed but very wet, sexy twat. She had made a nice swollen butterfly of her inner labia lips, slipping fingers in and out of her slip, moaning as she did. She lifted up her pullover top and began to fondle her nipples. This sent shivers through her body. She started to tell me the various parts of her body with great pride and how touching each of them had made her feel. This was the best practical lesson in sex education going! She let me touch her gently and judge for myself by her various reactions. She told me how wet this had been making her.

She asked me to use my finger tips to gently trace along her labia lips and to insert, one then two fingers into her tight vagina. She used two fingers to pull back the hood of her engorged clit and asked me to gently touch around it, while she rubbed her orbs and pencil hard nipples. This seemed to send her right to the edge. She moved my hand away and gasped that she was going to cum now, giving her clit a gentle up and down and circular rub with her middle finger. I could feel her leg tremble on top of mine and as I touched the inside of her thigh, she gasped, groaned and grunted in short bursts until she let out a long, loud sigh. It was incredible to watch and I will never forget the sight of Cheryl coming in my front seat.

We went on to have amazing sex in the following months, but that is another story. I had sometime later asked why she had put on the show right then. She said that I had been the first guy to ever have asked her nicely and at a time when she was seriously in need of getting off. She said that jerking me off in public had been a fabulous turn on for her and that she was really turned on by my watching and participating in her getting herself off. We had done so to each other on quite a few other occasions. Want to hear?



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