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Jerking While Sucking

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Jerking While Sucking
My favorite way to jack off is with a hard, hot cock in my mouth, either a friend's or someone I've just met at a sex party, it doesn't matter! I like to be sitting slumped in a chair with my legs outstretched, and stroking my cock either lazily or furiously, depending on the action around me. When I see a good-looking guy whose dick I want, I'll motion him over and tell him that I'd like to cum while sucking his dick. He stands to one side of my chair, and I turn my head, take him in my mouth, and start pumping like I mean it. If he has poppers, even better!!! Once I take a whiff of them and start going to town on both his dick and mine, it's sensational. Within five minutes I'll shoot, still sucking as hard as I can.
If I'm jacking off alone at home, then, with my mouth closed, I'll shut my eyes, think about maybe the last hot dick I sucked, and then start making sucking movements inside my mouth while sliding my tongue all over the back of my teeth and the roof of my mouth--anything to stimulate the illusion of sucking dick. I'll do the same thing with my eyes open and looking at some hot porn. Or with my mouth open, I'll run my tongue all over my lips, long and with a lot of pressure.
In fact, while typing this, I've been pausing in between sentences to jerk my hard-on and lick my lips (all I have on is a t-shirt), and precum is starting to ooze out the cum-slit. God, jacking off feels good! I need to cum right now, and I'm going to go ahead and do it. (Long pause while I go at it, sucking air with my mouth and licking my lips) Aw, man, just finished and it was great! Went all over my t-shirt and onto my face! I figure that since this is a site devoted to the pleasure of masturbation, I may as well do it as well as talk about it for you, right?



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