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Jerking To Young Teen Girls Panties

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This happened last year when I was involved with a scout camp.


I was 21 and I was one of the leaders of a group of teenage scouts, aged between 12 and 17. I had sent them out on an orienteering course for a couple of hours. Since I had been out in the bush for a whole week, I was mega horny, and being surrounded by all these nubile young ones wasn't helping out! They would all dress so sexy in their tight black pants and white tank tops. I would lie naked in my tent at night and hear them giggling just metres away, stroking my cock to the sounds of their cute laughs.

So, after I sent them off running for two hours, I decided to look through all the girls' tents. I headed straight for the one that housed my favourite two girls - Xena and Julia. They were both 14 years old with the tightest bodies you've ever seen. I started to rummage through their packs, nervous as all hell but so incredibly horny. I was trembling, in fact! I found a plastic bag in each of their packs that they put all their used underwear in. Jackpot! I took off my t-shirt and pulled down my shorts and tight white jocks. My cock sprang out, trembling also. I then lay down on top of Julia's soft sleeping bag; the cold slippery material feeling amazing on my smooth naked body. I reached into Xena's bag and took out a pair of blue satin briefs. Then holding them up to my nose, I took a whiff of the crotch area, smelling her dirty stench. I moaned out loud as I began to lick the area where her tight little bum sat only a day or two earlier.

I felt so dirty, lying there naked in their tent, but it was the hottest thing I had ever done. I then reached into Julia's plastic bag and found a tiny white satin G-string. I couldn't believe that these young 14-year-old girls were wearing thongs already! The thought made me even hornier.

So I took Xena's blue panties and wrapped them around my trembling cock, then brought Julia's G-string crotch to my face. I began the best slow wank of my life. As I sniffed and licked Julia's panties, I imagined she was sitting on my face with her hairless pussy grinding into me; and I imagined Xena was sitting on my lap with her panties on, rubbing her ass up and down against my cock and balls.

After about half an hour of this amazing experience, I couldn't take it any longer. Letting out the loudest grunt, I pumped my cum into Xena's panties, with Julia's G-string almost halfway down my throat!

My body jolted with pleasure as wave after wave of hot, sticky sperm filled the satin panties. I was sweating, and it was as if all my energy had been drained out of me.

After lying there for about five minutes, I carefully took the panties off my cock, carefull not to spill any of the semen, and put them both back in their respective plastic bags. I then made sure everything was as I left it and went back to my normal duties.

The girls did eventually find out about it at the end of the camp, and I had a hard time looking them in the face after that. They were totally grossed out about the whole thing and let's just say I'm not involved with the scouts anymore. I did see Xena a few months down the track though, and the only thing that she said to me was, 'Oh, you're all just dying to know, aren't you!'



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