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Jerking off With My Straight Best Friend

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This is a 100% TRUE story


So when I was a freshman and sophomore in high school my best friend and I would jerk off together to straight porn. He was on the football team and ALWAYS had a girl friend. Sometimes I would jerk off listening to them fucking. He used to fuck her so hard and I was gay but he was straight

We never would cross that line of me sucking him off or touching him but it all started with us jerking off.

We would usually get out of school and go back to my house. I lived with my parents at the time so we went straight to my bedroom and shut the door. Most of the time we would just play computer games or watch tv but sometimes I would ask him if he wanted to jerk off. He LOVED this same porn where the guy and girl were both hot. He would lay on my bed and I would sit in my computer chair and I'd start the porn.

He pulls up his white beater over his head so he doesn't get his cum on his shirt. It always turned me on so much to know he would shoot his cum all over his eight pack. His dick was easy eight inches long and thick. He would sometimes let me see him put both hands around his dick and still there was an inch sticking out. His dick was sooo big!

Anyway I would give him a towel and we would both sit back and start jerking off our dicks watching the porn. It made me so hard to hear him laying on my bed jerking his big dick with the help of lotion. He would go fast and then slow then fast then slow and we would both jerk almost in sync. I could see him through the reflection of the screen so I could see him rubbing his balls and twisting his hand around the head of his big hard dick.

He would jerk faster as he was about to cum. He knew I liked to watch him shoot his load so he would tell me when he was about to cum so I could see it. He told me to look back and I did and I saw him shoot his big load all over his ripped abs and pecks. His cum shot so far it hit him on his face on his cheek and chin and dripped down his body. He just keep jerking off and instantly I shot my load all over the place too.

Other times we would both hang out in the hot tub in the backyard and I told him about how good it feels to jerk off your dick in front of the jet. He said he's never tried it and it took a little convincing for him to but once he did he said he liked it. He would only do it for a little bit then when we would get out his dick would be bulging through his shorts because he was so horny.

One night I told him to keep jerking off until he cummed because the orgasm was so amazing. So as he floated on top of the jet and started to jerk off I found a jet on the opposite side and started to jerk my dick too. He was bobbing up and down the hot water and I could tell his arm was jerking off his big dick. As we both floated there jerking off for some reason he was looking at me and I was looking at him. He may have done it so I didn't sneek up on him or something but he was deff getting off and looking at me. I could tell he was about to cum because his eyes were squinting and he started to softly moan. He started breathing hard and softly moaning as his dick exploded with cum underwater. After we both finished we just sat back and started talking like nothing happened...

We did some other things too because I got a job and I started to pay him to do things for me. The thing I LOVED was when he would shoot his load into a glass so I could jerk off and swallow his cum imagining I was sucking his big dick.

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