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Jerking Off Together in a Tent

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Jerking Off Together in a Tent
I'm a 34- year old M, and started masturbating around 7,8,9, or 10 years old. One day, all of my family was out of the house, and my older brother (call him Mark) said he wanted to show me something. I followed him upstairs to our sunporch. He shut the door behind me and told me that I couldn't tell anybody. I agreed, and he pulled out some Penthouse/ Hustler magazines. We flipped through them, and he would talk about each picture: 'she's got nice tits, she's really hairy', etc. One time he actually told me to lick her bush, on the page. I did.
These meetings went on for a few times that summer. One time, when 'the coast was clear', he again asked me to go upstairs. Again, I followed, and he shut the door behind me. He asked me if I wanted to see something. I said, 'sure'. He turned around, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, and slowly lowered them to the floor. He then slowly pulled his underwear down, then off. Mark slowly turned around to face me, his hands cupping his privates.
He slowly moved his hands out of the way, and I saw an erect penis, complete with pubic hair, for the first time. He said 'touch it'. It was warm, hard, and throbbing. I even said 'it's hard!' Mark then said 'kiss it.' Well, being young, I didn't know if I was being put on or not, so I said, 'you kiss mine first'. 'Let me see it', was his reply. I pulled down my pants, and he sucked on it. Being small, he was able to 'deep throat' it. Then he said, 'do me.' I kissed the tip of his cock, then licked the tip (warm and weird, but not bad), then sucked on it. That was about it for the first time.
We would get together a few more times that summer. We would make the pretense of looking at the magazines, then graduated into pulling our clothes off as soon as we got in the sunporch and grab each other. We 'graduated' into more things: we would lick each other's balls, we would play strip 21 (I didn't know how to play poker), and whoever got naked first, had to tell the other person to do something. I remember my first time 'winning', and actually told my brother to suck my cock!.
We would fondle each other, rub our cocks together, and masturbate each other, This one time I was on my knees sucking my brother off, fondling his hairy balls with my hand, then he grabbed the back of my head. All of a sudden, he came into my mouth. I didn't swallow, in fact some of it ran down my chin. I went to the bathroom and spit it out. That, incidentally, was the end of my brother and I.
I would grow up fondly remembering those moments. I would masturbate, then lick the come off my belly and chest. I ran my finger over my slit for precum and lick it off my finger. In fact, I got so 'weird' as to fantasize about sucking guys off, that I would lay on the floor, raise my legs over my head, and aim my come at my face. I got to be pretty good at aiming, and I would swallow it all.
I had a few girlfriends. Many I told, and they would tell me stories of me and another guy. I had another girlfriend that would help me jerk off. I would lay on the floor, heels over head, and she would masturbate me, also aiming for my mouth. One gal I had even butt fucked me with a carrot while sucking me off to orgasm and swallowing my load! Once or twice I had the opportunity to kiss a girl after she sucked me off and I would swallow my own come from her mouth, but I pretty much chickened out.
Two years ago, while 'winter camping' with a friend, I had decided if I really was gay or what. I got some beer (to get me loosened up). We streaked into the moonlight- lit lake (yes, it was damn cold), then went into the tent. We talked about nothing, then I noticed his hand was moving up and down in his sleeping bag. I asked 'are you jerking off?' He replied, 'yes'. I got up my nerve (now or never, you know), and said 'let me help you.' I put my hand down his sleeping bag, and grabbed his cock. It was warm and hard. He said that he wanted to do me. So we got out of our sleeping bags, and jerked each other off. I mustered up my courage, and went down on him, sucking off my first cock in 20 some years. Really, it did nothing for me. He went down on me, then jerked me off to orgasm. We went to sleep without saying another word. Actually, I think I need a woman there to say that it's okay, and for her to enjoy it. This guy is married, and I fantasize about doing her and him at the same time. But I haven't even suggested it to them. How would I?
The weirdest things I do now is, when I'm taking a bath, I'll piss all over my chest, and sometimes pee in my mouth. Yes, I know, it's sick. I do it rarely. What I deem less disgusting, and actually more enjoyable, is when I'm taking a shower, I lube up my fingers with soap and shove them up my ass as far as they will go, and jerk off with the other hand. My goal is to get all five fingers up my ass. I can get the three middle ones up all the way, but only just the tip of the thumb and pinkie.
I am alone now (imagine that!), and have pretty much given up on weird things but I think I'll go butt fuck myself im the shower.
I know this is long, thank you for keeping me anonymous



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