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Jerking off in the school showers

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I thought I had a foolproof plan to get off in peace at school. It turns out someone else had the same idea.


In my very first year of high school, I was having trouble adjusting to taking gym class with girls. I had gone to a private boys' school until eighth grade, and a lack of money put me into a public high school for the rest of my education.

While I was mostly okay with interacting with the young women in the rest of my classes, watching them run around in tiny shorts and tank tops (sometimes without bras) was overstimulating to me. Even worse was how visible my boner became when wearing loose basketball shorts over my boxers.

One day in October, I just couldn't take it anymore. I had woken up late and thus been unable to take care of my morning wood before rushing to the school bus, and the bulge in my gym shorts upon seeing an especially bouncy girl was refusing to let up.

Barely able to move without making my erection incredibly obvious, I decided to tell my teacher I wasn't feeling very well and that I wanted to go to the nurse. He wrote me a pass and sent me back to the locker room. Upon getting there, I realized how incredibly quiet the spacious room was during the middle of gym class. I was completely alone, and would be for a good forty minutes still (classes were around an hour and a half, and rotated in blocks of four classes a day).

Already stripped down to my boxers and with my dick still standing straight up, I decided to get in the showers and rub one out. After taking one final thorough look around to ensure my privacy, I stuffed my boxers in my backpack and headed for the showers, which were set against the north wall with a short barrier separating them from the rest of the room. The barrier only reached up to about waist level, and the showers extended to each wall of the room past the barrier, so even then showering wasn't usually very private.

I turned on the water, waited for it to warm up and bit and then began to stroke my rock hard member. It had reached maximum stiffness from the excitement of jacking off in such a public place and it felt amazing to just pump the shaft in the steamy open room. I had taken a spot close enough to the end to see the gym entrance but far enough in to be behind the barrier. If anyone were to come in unannounced, I would be able to stop quickly enough and just pretend I was washing off the sweat before heading to the nurse.

My strategic position turned out to be completely pointless, because soon I became so enveloped in excitement and arousal that I was leaning against the shower wall and closing my eyes tightly as I stroked away. So enveloped that upon opening my eyes, I found another boy had managed to walk right up to the barrier while I wasn't paying attention.

I immediately removed my hand from my penis and attempted to cover it with both hands. It was no easy feat in my condition. The boy was around half a foot taller than me, had short black hair, and was wearing gym shorts, his shirt already off. He was drenched with sweat.

He was leaning forward, his hands resting on the barrier and grinning at me. I was speechless and freaking out inside my head. He looked like a junior at least. Was he going to tell anyone?

Clearly enjoying my shocked expression, he laughed and stepped away from the barrier, then finally said something. "Wow, you've already started sneaking in here?" I was confused and became even more so when he stripped his own gym shorts off, followed by his plaid boxers. "You're a freshman, right? Most guys don't work up the courage to try until the end of their first year."

Now just as exposed as me, he walked around the barrier and turned on a shower head two spaces from mine. It was then I noticed he was already half-hard. I finally managed to find my voice and responded. "What are you talking about?"

The kid laughed again as he stepped under the water. "Jacking off in the locker room, moron!" He leaned over and punched me in the arm. "Is this your first time?"

Still a bit confused, I nodded. He laughed again and, without the least bit of shame, began to stroke his stiffening rod. "Did you think you were the only one who thought of this? Guys do this all the time!"

Though still embarrassed, I figured I could stop trying to hide my cock, as he certainly wasn't going to stop displaying his. Feigning washing my chest and legs, I decided to ask him to elaborate. "Like, how many guys?"

He groaned a bit as his cock stiffened completely. "I don't know. Do you think I stand around counting them?" I shrugged my shoulders. He sighed and shook his head. "Probably like half of the guys in the school. Around ten at most at the same time." The figure shocked me. "All those guys skip gym and just masturbate in here?!"

He leaned his shoulder against the shower wall and faced me, stroking very slowly. "Yeah, duh. Now stop wasting time and get to jacking. It's really f***ing awkward if I'm the only one rubbing my junk."

Realizing I was still at full-mast, I slowly returned my now soapy hand to my cock and started pumping away again, now rushing to finish so I could get out of there. Fighting to keep my eyes off of the kid's bouncing balls and meat, I focused on cumming as fast as I possibly could.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hand, holding it in place. Still quite insecure about my sexuality, I flinched and stepped back. He rolled his eyes. "Dude, this is going to be a really shitty four years if you don't get used to fapping with everyone else. Slow down."

I still couldn't move. Without warning, he stepped within inches of me and pulled my hand into a handshake. "What's your name?"

I paused for a second before deciding it couldn't hurt to tell him. "...Chris."

He shook my hand. "My name's Matt, and I am so f***ing horny right now. It's obvious you are too. Will you just lighten up and jack off with me?"

Finally feeling a bit more comfortable, I nodded and shook his hand again. Grinning, Matt stepped back under his shower head and leaned back against the wall. I did the same under my stream, and both of us started stroking our rods slowly with about the same rhythm.

About ten minutes later, I was ready to shoot, and my groaning and shaking legs gave that away to Matt. He walked up beside me and turned me to the right. "Think you can shoot farther than me?" He sped up his own stroking as I hit my climax. Holding my legs together, I shot three ropes of cum across the showers. The furthest stopped just short of the drain two shower heads from mine. Matt laughed again. "I can beat that without even trying!" He beat his meat as hard as he possibly could for the next minute and a half before blowing a massive load of spunk, the second shot reaching past the drain three showers from us.

Breathing heavily, he leaned against the barrier and slid down to the floor. Still reeling from my own orgasm, I sat down against the shower wall facing him.

I wiped the sticky residue coating my fingers on my chest, letting the water wash it away. "That was...different."

Matt grinned as he rubbed his own spunk into his hair. He stood back up and went to wash up a bit before getting dressed. I did the same.

As we turned off the showers and headed for our lockers, he slapped me on the back. "You were lucky it was just me today. Some of the seniors can get really hands-on with the other guys."

I shook a bit as I realized how much worse this could have turned out than I had planned for. As I pulled my t-shirt on, my dick still hanging out from the bottom, I decided to ask about the future. "Are you going to do this again soon?"

Matt laughed again. "Wanna do it again Friday? I'll bring friends!"



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