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Jerking-off in the Dorm Showers

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Living in a college dorm with shared toilets and showers can be a challenge for someone who likes to masturbate regularly. I've been jerking-off in the shower for years, and it's just part of my normal daily routine now. I like masturbating in the shower because of the privacy, the ready availability of things to use as lube, and since you're already naked, you might as well stroke off if you have the time.

Also, when you jerk off in the shower, you're standing, which means that you don't end up with cum all over your chest, stomach, arms, etc., as happens when you jerk off lying down. There's something about semen that makes it stick to chest and body hair, and cleaning up can be a real messy job. Also, if you're circumcised like me, you need to use some kind of lube (I use hand lotion) in order to stroke, and that also needs to be wiped up after you've jerked off. Clean-up in the shower is so simple, just wash the semen down the drain and the lotion off your hand, cock, and balls, and you're all done. Besides, what better way is there to relieve the stresses of being a student and start your mornings off right than by having a good solo session in the shower?

Every morning I wake up with a hard-on, and every morning I jerk off in the shower, whether or not anybody else is using the washroom. After I've bathed, I turn my attention to having some fun with my cock. I stroke it a few times to get it hard again, lube up with lotion from the bottle I take with me to the shower, and then I jerk off. I've jerked off when someone else is using the shower right next to me, and I don't care, though the noise from the shower probably drowned out the sound of my stroking anyway. I figure that the other guys living on my floor probably all masturbate too, and many of them probably beat off in the showers just like me. In fact, I've even seen a whitish-yellow, stain on the wall of one of the showers, which is probably some other guy's cum that he forgot to wash down the drain.

Of course, I can't spend that long jerking off in the shower, since other people need to use the shower as well. I stroke my cock for two or three minutes until I can feel that I'm on the edge of an orgasm, and then I just stroke really fast as I blast my semen all over the tiled wall. I'm straight, but I'm actually kind of turned on by thinking about how many other guys have done the exact same thing in these showers over the years, and it never takes long for me to cum. After I finish pumping out the last few drops of jizz, I wash the lotion off my dick, balls, and right hand, and make sure to wash all my cum down the drain so I don't leave a mess for the next person who uses that shower. I don't have a problem with other guys jerking off in the shower, and I hope they wouldn't have a problem with me jerking off in there as well, but I definitely don't want to find myself standing in some other guy's semen. When you're living in rez, you need to be considerate, but you also need to realize that masturbation is a normal part of everyday life for most students, and that the showers are a great place to get some privacy when you really need to get off.

I'm typing this story in the morning, and as soon as I'm done here, I'm heading off to the shower to jerk off and shoot another load onto that tiled wall. If other people, guys or girls, have stories of masturbating while living in rez, I'd really like to hear them.



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