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Jerking Off for My Wife's Friends

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Names have been changed to protect 'the innocent.'


After 16 years together my wife Liz and I separated. As it turns out, the separation was only temporary, but in the time I was gone I lived with one of my former classmates, an extremely-erotic divorced woman. Jean taught me many things in the short time we bedded each other; some were simply stories about her past, while many were actual experiences between us.

During my time with Jean I became much more relaxed in my approach to sex, and my wife noticed this shortly after my return. Similarly Liz had returned to having sexual relations with a lover from her past, and she too became more relaxed with me.

One day I interrupted our foreplay and began to stroke my erect member. She asked if this felt better than her doing it. I said no, just different. Soon we began to masturbate together. We were both reluctant at first, but we caught on quickly and enjoy it now several times a week.

My wife told her closest two girlfriends about it and they were quite intrigued. They are both divorced and not dating. They tried, but they had been out of the dating scene for so long that they just couldn't cope. Both had found that guys were only interested in one thing. Both confided that they wanted sex very badly, but this newer dating scene scared both of them, especially trying to talk guys into using a condom and safe sex seeming to be missing from their vocabularies. And the men they encountered seemed obsessed with physical attributes. Both of these women had passed thru menopause in their mid-40s and no amount of visits to the gym would make them look 30 again. Strangely, BOTH of them commented that they have never seen a man masturbate.

My wife related this to me, and asked if I would mind masturbating for them if she invited them over some night. I gave it some thought for a few days, then asked Liz to invite them over, which she did. After dinner we moved to the living room where we drew the two layers of curtains, turned the lights down, and put my favourite soft porn DVD into the player. My wife and I felt that perhaps between some wine and the greek movie might help the two women feel more comfortable. After watching a few scenes of the DVD, we got to a particularly passionate scene. I began to stroke my penis thru my pants, and my erection quickly became evident as it strained against my clothes. By now, both women had noticed my action.

Linda was flushed and removed her fleece jacket. I could see now that her nipples were erect under her sleeveless 'T'. She was tall, with long blonde hair, perhaps 200 pounds, with large breasts, wide hips, and a nice curve to her belly. I found her feet and ankles especially attractive.

Denize was shorter, with a very short black pixie cut, constant smile and twinkle in her eyes, magnificent 'E' breasts, and tiny hips with a rounded belly. My wife Liz is smaller than both of them, wide shoulders, 'B' breasts, small hips, perhaps 160 pounds.

I concentrated on each woman's most-attractive features, and I began to undress. Totally naked now, I continued stroking and applied some lubricant. My cock is 6-1/2' long when erect, but very thick at the base and right up to just behind the head. The head itself is smaller in diameter than the shaft is, that is, until just before I cum, when it suddenly becomes very purple and expands greatly in diameter before I spurt.

I told them that I was having trouble with this now, I was a bit nervous with myself being totally exposed and them totally dressed. I said I couldn't relax enough to cum, and would they each please bare something, top or bottom. This was actually a lie, just my way to entice them to expose themselves. The ladies were fixated on me, both had quietly commented to Liz on how thick my cock was, and I loved hearing it come from their mouths. Liz quickly stripped off, and lay near me, just far enough away that we were not touching.

Linda quickly peeled off her shorts and top, then turned away from us and removed her underpants and bra. She turned toward me, trying to cover her pubic area with one hand and hide both her nipples with her other arm. Her large breasts spilled over as she knelt. She had gorgeous breasts, quite large, with beautiful full dark nipples. Linda was a total surprise when naked, she had the sexiest body I had ever seen. She had trimmed her bush. I never expected this.

I almost had a climax right then.

Denize was more reluctant to strip off. She said that she would take off whichever I chose but not top AND bottom. I asked her to take off her bottoms. She peeled off her slacks to reveal a tiny thong which spread her ample pussy lips. She stepped out of the thong, and I could see her large outer labia hanging down over an inch.

'Can I ask a favour?' she said.

'Sure, we're friends. Anything'. I replied.

Denize told me she had never done any of this and wanted to watch closely while I ejaculated. Yes, she actually said the scientific word 'ejaculate'. I told her I was very close, and I would like that too. She sat cross-legged, very close in front of me, bending forward to watch me intently. By now I was up on my knees and I began to fondle my balls. Looking into her pussy combined with my own precision stroking brought me to the greatest ejaculation of my life.

Denize and Linda both gasped as I shot rope after rope of cum over her legs. When I finally stopped gasping and got my breath back, I sat back and looked for the towel to clean myself and Denize off. She had a huge smile on her face. I asked her what was making her smile so much, and she told me that she had never seen anything so exciting in her life; she was sweating profusely and had removed her shirt and bra. Her magnificent 'E' breasts contrasted sharply with her tiny, boyish hips. Linda was equally amazed; she said not to move, she would clean Denize & me up. She went to the washroom, I heard the water running, and shortly she came back with a warm, damp washcloth to wipe us off.

I couldn't believe how fascinated she was; after all, I was the one that had just climaxed. I sat up on the edge of the couch and Liz came over and hugged me. She kept grinning, and kissing me. Liz grasped her right breast and began to massage her nipple. I could see that her other hand was busy in her bush. After about thirty seconds, she started to tense up and moved her fingers back and forth faster. A few seconds later, I heard a low moan, and Liz started taking rapid breaths through her open mouth. The rapid breaths started becoming louder and faster. Then I heard a loud 'OOOOOOOOHHHHHH!!!'

Liz had just masturbated to orgasm in front of her two closest female friends. After a few minutes, Liz reached for my still-erect penis and began to stroke me up and down. It was wonderful! After several minutes I came, spurting warm jets of semen over the edge of the couch onto the floor. She smiled, then wiped away the cum with a couple of tissues.

She then said we should all get dressed. I asked if I couldn't please just look at all of their pussies for a little longer. They agreed, spread their legs a bit more , and sat there in a semicircle smiling at me. I sat on the floor gazing at the most beautiful flowers in the world.

I had cum really hard. I hope sometime that they will return the favour.



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