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Jerking off Doug

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True story about my only jerkoff bud


When I was 14, I was walking home from school with some kids from my neighborhood. Doug was two years older than me, and while I knew him, I didn't really know him very well. He started talking to me about stuff in general, then out of the blue asked me if I wanted to go swimming in his pool. I said yea, and he told me to come on over after I got changed.

When I got to his house, his mom let me in, and told me Doug was up in his room. He was playing a video game when I walked in. I sat on his bed and watched until he finished. Then he stood up, peeled his T-shirt off, then pushed his pants and underwear off while casually talking to me. He turned and walked to his dresser, his white ass mooning me while he bent over and rummaged for his trunks. I could see his nutsack and dick hanging down between his legs. He turned around, and I got a good gander at his stuff. It was longer and thicker than mine, and curved slightly to the left at the head. I looked away because I didn't want him to see me staring, and because I was afraid I'd pop one in my trunks.

We swam and splashed each other, did some dives off his diving board, basic shit. I couldn't get the picture of his dick out of my head the whole time.

After about 45 minutes or so, his Mom came out and said she had to leave to go to baby shower or something, and that she didn't feel good about us swimming with her out. So we got out of the pool and dried off, and then went and played some basketball in his driveway. Doug was taller and bigger than me, and he would back me down to the hoop, then turn and make his layup. The good part was that He would bump his ass into me to move me back, and I would push him in the bare small of his back to try and stop him. All that touching was giving me wood, and it was all I could do to not pop one. He pretty much killed me, and then asked if I wanted to play a video game.

We went into his garage, then his laundry room, where he pulled his trunks off and threw them on the washer. He told me to leave my wet trunks there, and he would get me some of his clothes to wear. I was embarassed to get butt naked in front of him, but he just stood there with hands on his hips dick hanging down, telling me to hurry up. I turned around, dropped trou, and then headed towards his stairs ahead of him, basically hiding my junk from him. When got to his room, he grabbed some shorts out of his dresser and throw them to me. Even though they were way to big, I scrambled into them while he turned on the video game. He sat down on the floor at the foot of his bed, still naked, and I sat next to him.

At one point he paused the game, said he needed to take a leak, and stood up. His dick and nuts were at my eye level, just inches away. He paused right in front of my face. Then it happened.

'Go ahead and touch it if you want'. He said quietly.

'that's ok. I'm fine' or something equally stupid I replied.

'Go ahead. I know you want to. You've been staring at it all afternoon'.

My eyes moved from his meat up his pubic hair line to his navel, past his smooth chest to his face. He was smiling at me, nodding his head..

'Go ahead'. he repeated.

I looked back down at his cock. The whiteness of his crotch contrasted with his black trimmed pubes, and his deep tan line across his abs and thighs. His cock hung down, the pink head angled slightly so I was looking at part of the side of it. His nuts hung down much lower than mine, his left one slightly lower than the right. I reached my hand up and brushed my fingertips across his shaft, down to the head. I wrapped my hand around the base, and gave it a little squeeze. The softness of his flesh started to harden, and within seconds it grew in my hand. I slowly moved my fist up and down, as it rose upward to full hardness. It curved gently to the left. I could see the ridge around the head, and where it came together dust under his piss slit, and my thumb rubbed up that groove to his piss slit. He exhaled deeply, then turned around and flopped on his bed.

'Come on up here'.

I obeyed, and laid down next to him. His dick was laying on his stomach, the head covering his navel. His hands behind his head, tufts of black hair exposed in his pits.

'Jerk me off'.

Silently, I reached down, grabbed him and slowly ran my fist up and down. Jerking off somebody elses dick feels so different than your own, I was really enjoying it. Doug told me what to do, and I obeyed. I rubbed his nuts with my other hand, swirled the precum around the edge, played with his nipples until they were hard, rubbed his stomach. He ordered me to go faster, and suddenly his abs tightened, his hips thrust upwards, and a shot of cum landed on his stomach, a few more followed, then the balance just oozed out. He sighed, and pushed my hand away. His chest and cheeks were red, and he was breathing heavily, as he ran his fingertip through the cum on his belly. He reached over to his nightstand, pulled out tissues and wiped himself up.

He swung his feet over the side of the bed, told me thanks that felt great, then told me if I wanted to get off, to knock myself out. He flopped back onto the floor and resumed the video game.

I pulled his shorts down to my thighs, and grabbed my hard dick. I could see the reflection of his face and bare chest in the TV, and as I thought about what had just happened, I came in less than 30 seconds. I reached over, grabbed tissues and cleaned up.

I sat down next to him, and we played the video game in silence.

Then he asked if I wanted to do it again. I reached over and squeezed his soft dick, and rubbed his nuts. We got back on the bed, and repeated me jerking him off just 20 minutes after the first time. This time when he came, I stared at his face, and watched his head titl back, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth open as his orgasm hit. It was so hot to watch.

This time I started to jerk off after he came, and again it took less than a minute. Just seeing him wipe up his cum, and his big softening dick on his belly is all it took.

Over the next two years, we repeated this hundreds of times. Whenever he had the house alone, he would call me, I would come over, service him, then myself. Even though he had a girlfriend that he was fucking, he wanted me to jerk him off. He never asked me again for a bj, but I probably would have if he asked again.

After Doug graduated and went to college, his parents moved up North, and I've never seen him again.



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