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Jerking Off

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The first time I remember getting hard was to a magazine I found under my brothers bed. It was a Gallery magazine and I went into my room and after looking at the pictures my penis went hard. I didn't know what to do and after a few minutes I was rubbing it. After about 20 minutes I felt a sensation and my left leg spasm and went wild. I felt tired and put the magazine back. The next day I was home alone and stripped naked and was rubbing my penis until the same thing happened. It felt really good. One day my brother caught me and asked what I was doing. I told him I had no idea, but it felt great. He laughed and took me to our parents room and took down a magazine. It was in carton form and told about masturbation. I read it and told him I didn't squirt any sperm. He told me I soon would.

A few years later I was doing my thing when I was close and hit that certain point when sperm came out and scared the hell out of me. Their was a lot and it was everywhere and smelled. My brother told me that was what will happen now. This was the start of puberty and my dick as my brother said it was would get hard if I looked at a girl who looked nice. I would get them at the wrong times and would have to sit and take my punishment. When I was 14 I was in a crowded lunch line and was pushed forward. The minute I touched Lori's butt with my crotch I went hard. Lori turned and asked what was poking me. I said sorry and Lori just smiled and wiggled her ass. I almost lost it right there. At the end of the day Lori was at my locker and asked me to walk her home.

Once in her house we went to her room. She asked to see it. I asked what and Lori said your penis. I was shocked and said what again. Lori then turned around and backed into my crotch and wiggled her ass. I was hard and Lori asked to see it. I told her okay but I wanted to see her ass. Lori took off her pants and then pulled down her panties showing her ass. I took off my jeans and underwear and showed her my penis. Lori put her hand towards her mouth and said it looks cute. I looked at Lori and then her crotch and could see some pubic hair. I asked her about it and she pushed down her panties and I saw her bush and pussy. My hands went to my dick and I started to jerk myself off. Lori watched and told me how cool it was. In the matter of a few seconds I was able to get my other hand up and squirted into it. Lori went Oh wow and told me how cool. I cleaned up and Lori then laid on the bed and started to masturbate. I watched her and thought how cool this was. When Lori had her orgasm I saw a little of her juices come out. I was hard again, but her mom came home and I had to leave.

Lori and I did this over the next two years. We masturbated each other and performed other acts. When we graduated from high school she invited me over for a party. When I arrived I was the party. We went to her room and stripped naked. We got each other off.

We still run into each other in town and her husband doesn't like me. Lori has met my wife and my wife knows Lori and I took each others virginity. Every now and then my wife will joke with Lori about giving me a few tips on love making.



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