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Jerking Off

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I love to jerk off. I have been doing it since I was 11 and won't stop anytime soon. I used to love it when my parents went out for the night and I would look at the magazines I bought and jerk off. One time after jerking off I fell asleep and when I woke up my father was standing over me, putting my magazines away and telling me to get under the covers. The next morning he told me to shut the door and he would make sure my mother would never walk into the room if the door is shut.

In college I jerked off all the time in the shower. I know every guy did it so I did to. Sometimes I did it in my bed, but the room would smell of sex. One night I was in the middle of a jerk off session when my neighbor Jenny came walking in. She looked at me, opened her mouth, and I told her she can watch. She did and when I squirted she laughed and told me how cool. She used to watch me a few times and once she jerked me off. During my senior year in college we had on campus townhouses and about a month into the last semester my roommate moved in with his girlfriend off campus. I put the beds together and had a big bed. I was dating a girl called Heidi and she used to love watching me jerk off.

I also saw her jill and loved seeing her pussy get all puffy and see her body start to vibrate from her orgasm. One night, after we had her virgin roommate on my bed and both Heidi and I were naked, her roommate Erica was in her bra and panties and amazed by my penis. I asked if she wanted to touch it and Erica reached her trembling hand over to my hard penis and just before she touched it I moved my penis. Erica laughed and so did Heidi. Erica then took hold of my penis and told me how nice it felt. She stroked it a little and then put her face next to it and rubbed my penis against her face. She smiled and said she always wanted to do that. I asked if she wanted to see me cum. She nodded and Heidi slowly jerked me off. As I was getting closer I felt a new hand on my dick and Heidi saying faster and faster. I looked at Erica and she was stroking me fast and I exploded all over Erica and myself. Erica looked at her hand covered in my cum and wiped it off on me. Erica had a huge wet spot on her panties and dressed quickly and left.

When I moved back home I found a job and within two years I moved out. I moved into a nice apartment building and I was free to walk around naked and jerk off again. About two months in the women across the hall knocked on my door and came in. She was in her forties and good looking. She had a daughter 22 who looked just like her mother. They were both Irish and had red hair. I always wondered if they were red down there too. Kate was asking me to help her move her couch and I said okay. I was in a robe and just naked so I asked if I could put on something. Kate asked if I was naked. I told her yes and liked to walk around naked in my apartment. I could see her nipples get hard and she asked if she could watch me get dressed. I told her okay. I took off the robe and was naked in front of her. I turned around and walked to my bedroom and when I turned back Kate was naked and the drapes matched the carpet. I smiled and went hard in seconds and watched as she went to my bed and spread her legs and started to play with herself. I stood next to her and was jerking off. I was lost in her body and soon squirted my cum on her legs and thigh. I wiped it with my shirt and then went between her legs and watched her masturbate.

A week later her daughter Lisa came over and we talked and she asked what I did to her mother. I asked why and she told me she was now very happy. I stood up and dropped my robe and was naked in front of Lisa. She asked what I was doing and told her I would show her. I took her hand and lead her to my room. I then stripped Lisa naked and once she was on the bed I rubbed my penis on her. Lisa enjoyed this and told me to cum on her. I could see her fingers rubbing her pussy and stroked myself and finally squirted on her. Lisa left with a big smile on her face. After having mother and daughter for a year they moved away.

More to come in part II



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