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Jerking in Front of My Best Girlfriend

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In college I had a close friend named Brook. Brook was a long haired blonde with a thick busty frame. I think she wore a size 8 or 9, a real thick busty girl. She and I were extremely tight, it was a brother and sister type of relationship. We had met at orientation and had been great friend ever since. I should mention that I saved her from being raped when we where freshman and I beat that guys ass. That event gave us a special bond that's hard to describe, but it made it even closer than we were. I had probably never been that close to anyone that I have not had sex with. We told each other everything, nothing was off limits. I could talk to her about porn and jerking off, or girls, or whatever. Like I stated our relationship is special. We still talk today even though we live in different sates; we still get together a couple of times a year.

I took her all over the place with me and my Frat. It was summer and some of us had stayed on campus a little longer to take a road trip to see Dave Matthews and Pish play in a few different states. It was Brook me and four frat brothers. It's what you would expect dick and fart jokes in the van ride and other immature behaviour. A lot of the trip we slept in the van and on a camp ground a couple of nights. Brook always slept close to me. She did not trust most men. One night we had stopped off in Ohio at a Motel for a night. Me and Brook went Dutch on a two bedroom and the other guys got another room.

I had been on the road for a few days by then and I had not found a way to masturbate. By this time I was extremely horny. I was so horny I could not think straight, all I could think about was sex. My dick was tingling and my stomach felt funny, I needed to get off bad. I retired from partying early to go back to my room. My plan was to order some porn and get a couple of jerks in. I was lying on the bed watching porn I ordered, when Brook walked in the room. I was not jerking off yet; I was just lying on the bed, with my shorts on, watching some girl get double teamed on TV. The movie was called Tag Team. LOL!!

She came in and looked at the TV and smiled. What are you doing she asked, where you gong to jerk off? She said smiling. I said I was going to try and get one out before she came back. She just laughed and slapped me on the leg and told me she was going to the bathroom to put on her pyjamas. She shut the door and told me to hurry up. I tried at first but was not really into the scene, so I did not finish. She was in there a while, maybe 15 to 20 minutes. She called out before she walked out. Are you dressed? She asked. She came out smiling wearing her t-shirt and pyjama shorts. She sat on the opposite bed and started to watch the porn with me. She asked if I had finished and came yet. I told her that I had not. Why not?? She asked. I didn't have an answer for her. She told me to go ahead and jerk off. I don't care. She said. After a few, are you sure? From me.

She kept saying it was cool, she understood, do it. You want to use my lotion? She did not wait for a response and tossed it to me and told me to save her some.

So I started to rub myself a little threw my shorts and in no time I was hard. After a minute or two I slid my shorts off. I did not look at her when I did this; I was kind of nervous and scared. I laid back and lubed myself up and started to stroke my hard dick. It felt really great; it had been days since I have done it. I finally got the courage to look over at Brook. She was watching me also and we made eye contact. We both started to laugh, as ridiculous and awkward the situation was. The laugh seemed to break the ice and made us both more comfortable. I started to really get into it then and enjoy the session. I was looking at my dick and would glance back at her. She was watching me but not really staring. Soon I was about the pop and started to tighten up and my legs were completely straight. She sat up on her bed at this point and asked if I was about to cum. I got out a yes before I popped and started to spray into the air. Being really horny and backed up, not to mention the intense situation, led to a huge orgasm. I could hear her laugh a little as I was cumming feeling it land all over my chest and hearing hit the sheets. It seemed like it lasted forever. I just kept watching my dick shoot over and over. It was one of the biggest loads I have ever shot.

When I came to she was already up and getting me a towel. She walked back and threw me the towel. That was a big load she said laughing. We both laughed while she started to paint her toenails. I told her I was going to do it again. Wow you were horny. Go ahead and get it all out. So I jerked off again, while she painted her toe nails. This was kind of strange because it was real quiet in the room and you could hear the smacking sound of the lotion on my dick as I jerked off. She was looking over at me commenting on the noises and my face expressions. As I got close to cumming she blurted out. Go! Go! Go! She was joking and it made me laugh, but it did not break my concentration and I came again. It was another thick load and this time I watched her reaction as I shot a thick load and felt it running down my hand and shaft. You got a lot cum in there. She said, as I was finishing up. I don't even know if she realized I was looking at her, because she was looking right at my dick. I cleaned myself up and covered back up.

After 15 minutes I felt like I wanted to try one more time. I probably would not if I was alone, but it was very intense jerking off in front of her. She did not say anything as I went at myself again. She did not seem too interested at this point, but when I got close to cumming, she sat up again to watch. Barely anything came out, maybe a drop or two. She did not even see it because she asked if I came when I was done. I was out of breath but told her yes. We both laughed and joked and things went right back to normal. We hung out for a couple of more hours watching reruns of good times, before we both slept.



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