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Jerking at the Beach

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a gay with a straight boy late at night


My first time experience with an guy.
I've visited this site many times and I just want to say that it's really amazing!
I'm Morrocan and being gay is such a very difficult thing. Nobody knows it and it's also hard to meet gay men like me.
But my story is about my first masturbation with another boy. I was about 14, and my parents invited some friends in our summer residence (I don't know if this word exists! Excuse my English!) it's a house in front of the beach, okay? Everybody understands? So I continue, The friends of my parents had a son who was a little bit older than me (he was 15), really nice boy, very handsome and all...! we spent great moments and when he had to leave with his parents, I asked him to stay with me, What he did.
He was like a brother, we talked of everything Adolescent of our age talk about. Especially girls, sex and sport. (I never told him that girls never interested me)
One night, he had the great idea to burn a fire. There was just him and me in a very far place from our bungalow, he was good at it and I spent all my time looking at him working.
Needless to say that he was a cute boy, sporty and with deep blue eyes like me. In fact everybody said that we looked like real brothers. when the fire was on, we lied on our backs looking to the stars in the sky. He began talking about one girl on the beach that he wanted to have a date with. He said that every time he saw her he got horny. While he was talking, I noticed that he was getting hard on his jogging pants. And in fact seeing him like that made me hard too, but there was like a 'problem' with me. I was wearing boxer under my pants and it was very easy to see my hardon even if I hide it. The only thing in my mind at that moment, was to jerk off, and to see Hicham's (my friend) dick. I told him to stop speaking cause I was getting hard like him. He laughed and asked me how I knew he was horny, I answered that it was easy to see! But when he looked at me (my hardon), he was like surprised! 'what the hell do you have in your pants?!!) come on let me see it! I was like ashamed being naked in front of him so I told him to show me his cock first, My heart was beating faster when I told him that but when he pulled off his pants and underwear... he had a 'beautiful' dick with really straight against his belly with dark hairs around it. after some seconds he asked me to go on, first I took off my pant so he saw my boner with a big spot on it (a lot of pre-cum) before I took off my boxer he told me that I was really well endowed! At the moment I didn't understood but after, when we compared...I was really well endowed than him. He saw my dick and he turned crazy! I thought the guy was becoming gay!! He asked me to touch it just a moment, I said only If I touch him, I began and I put my hand around his penis, he was thick but not longer than mine he was 15cm but the sensation was great! When it was his time to touch me he took my 18cm penis on his left hand and asked me if Ii was fully erect, I said yes, he asked that because he never saw a dick that was hard but not strait against the belly. . I said that I was 'different' he never knew what I meant.
I proposed to take a little jerk off to satisfy ourselves, what he didn't refuse but he wanted me to do it to him and vice versa. We laid in 69 position and let me tell you that I was like flying high every time he touched my glans, he has special way of jerking, I enjoyed so much. When we were a little more hornier, I took his penis in my mouth, at first he was surprised but on his face I was reading so much pleasure, It took just seconds for him to come against my face, his cum was hot and very creamy! First time for me to see another cum than mine!
He told me that he couldn't suck my dick cause too long for him, so he licked it. the same for me, seconds and 6 shots of hot cum was getting out from my dick.
We laid 5 minutes and I proposed to go for a midnight swim! But naked he said! It was another part of jerking but in the water! Now I know that somewhere on the atlantic ocean there is a mixing of our semen! Maybe we are fathers of a big family of mermaids!!
So that was my story, hope you've enjoyed it like me!



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