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Jerking a Friend

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I've been meaning to put my own account of what my friend and I used to do for years, finally I got around to doing it.


On the first day at my new school I met a boy named Robert. He was pretty short for his age, blonde hair, blue eyes. I had a few inches over him in height and had brown hair and green eyes. As it was a new school term we were both looking around trying to meet new people. After getting to know each other we soon became the best of friends. We shared much of the same interests and would often go to each others houses to play video game, watch tv and so on.

As we got older I became interested in how my friend looked down there. The next time we met up for a sleepover I decided to play wrestle with him and my hand end up brushing against his crotch. Sometimes he would lightly catch my own crotch but unlike me his was probably purely accidental. That night as we sat in our sleeping bags in his bedroom before going to sleep I asked him if he had and pubes yet. He was very shy and ended up avoiding the question, leaving me still curious.

A little while later at another sleepover we wrestled again for a few minutes but we both soon became tired and bored of doing that and decided to watch TV. In the middle of some cartoon show my dad came into the room to say he and mum were going out for a few hours, that we should be careful, and the rest of the safety spiel I got when left home alone. After they left I got up and sat next to Robert on the sofa he was on. I quite boldly looped an arm around his waist and held my hands together, like a sort of hug. My hands laid to rest just over his crotch, lightly touching the material of his pants. I asked Rob if he was cool with me doing this and he nodded, giving a quiet yes under his breath.

We sat like this, close together, just enjoying watching some TV show. Before long I felt something poking the underside of my hands, causing me to lift my hands up to see what it was. I could see a bulge poking up from Rob's pants. I lowered my hands back down, pressing down on the bulge a few times before starting to properly rub it through the material. Robert's breathing started to become heavier as I kept rubbing and stroking him.

When I had had enough of rubbing his dick like that I asked him if he could undo his belt for me, which he did, along with the top button on his pants. After that I helped slide his belt off, opened a second button and unzipped his fly. From there I could see his hard dick tenting out the briefs he was wearing. I stroked him through his underwear and even tickled his balls for a minute or so before pushing my hand down into his briefs and pulling out his boner. It seemed pretty big to me, considering his height, and I later learnt he was about 5.6 inches long. I was happy to learn he was uncut, like myself, and that his dick had a scent to it. Not an unpleasant one though, it was unlike anything I had ever smelt before.

I admired his dick for a while, having never seen another guys erect penis before now, watching it twitch and bob about in the air every few seconds. Meanwhile, Robert had stopped watching TV and was watching my every move. I wrapped a hard around his rock hard dick and started to stroke, going slow and pulling the skin back fully so I could see his cock head. I slowly pumped him up and down, treasuring this moment and thoroughly enjoying pleasuring my best friend. Rob just carried on watching me. When I started to speed up his face became red and he was almost panting, clutching his own hands into fists at his side as I kept going. A little precum came from his tip and was soon spread out over his dick by my hand jerking him off. He didn't last long at all and made no real sound when he came, instead holding his breath as his cum spurted from his dick. He shot three times, squirting two ropes of cum out over the floor in front of the sofa while the last almost dribbled out and soaked my hand and his dick and balls.

As his dick started to soften I played with it for a little longer, looking at him with a smile as I did so. Rob smiled back and mumbled 'thank you' to me. It was only after I had jerked Rob off and was helping to put his dick away and zip up that I noticed he did have pubes after all. I laughed and ran a few fingers through his light bush of pubes before his briefs could cover them, which made Rob laugh too. He ended up smacking my hand away and sticking his tongue out at me while readjusting his underwear.

After that day me jacking Robert off when we went to each others house became a regular thing. He started to return the favour too, leading to us trying out much more explicit things. We kept this up all the way through school up until we both left for university. We don't fool around like we used to any more but we're still great friends.



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