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I hadn't heard much about the following caffeine effect regarding hard-ons, maybe due to the fact that most guys either start drinking coffee at a very early age and soon after build up a tolerance towards it, or they don't bother with it much at all. So I must be in the minority as one who never drank much coffee regularly at all until I was over 20.

Knowing it was going to be a tough week of college tests, I'd prepared myself by buying a large tin of coffee. I'll never forget that first morning when it happened. I'd been cramming for the exams the night before, and was sitting alone in an easy chair in my living room, reading the paper and munching on some toast when it hit me.

Although I was wearing some rather tight and erection discouraging jeans, I felt my dick suddenly stiffening at a more rapid than usual pace and I wasn't even horny at the time, as if trying to escape my zipper. So one moment I was casually viewing the sports page, and the next I had a raging hard-on, begging to be jacked off.

And this was no mere piss hard-on, like many people feel when they first wake up I'd already pissed after waking, and had been hanging around the house for over an hour. Since my girlfriend wasn't home at the time, it was certainly easy enough to visit the bathroom, undo my pants and start stroking away, which I did, so that wasn't really what concerned me.

What I really wanted to know was why did this suddenly happen clear out of the blue sky like that? Here I was, just a regular guy, who had sex with my girlfriend at least once a day, yet without my even thinking of any erotic thoughts at all, now my dick seemed to be acting totally on its own.

As I held my shaft over the sink and slowly rubbed it, I also noticed that it seemed to feel longer and harder than ever before, and bear in mind that this was years before anyone had invented the popular erection inducing drugs that are on the market today. At first my mind focused on what might be a possible infection irritating the tip, as I saw a bit of liquid drip out. But I soon realized that was only some pre-cum oozing from my over excited member.

Then I retraced my steps to recall what might have caused this pleasant, but puzzling situation, something new that I ate or drank? I hadn't been on any oyster binge, or downed any unusual alcoholic beverages, so I was confused. Whether I was perplexed or not, though, my cock didn't seem to care, as I was soon overwhelmed with the result of my unexpected morning jack-off session. Racked by a huge orgasm, my cock spewed shot after shot of cum onto the porcelain below.

After washing up, I went back into the living room, saw my empty drinking mug, and finally realized what the big new miracle potion was that I'd introduced into my poor shocked system, plain old garden variety coffee. Sure, I'd often heard that caffeine was a stimulant, so folks like heart patients shouldn't be guzzling it down, but it was also a 'stimulant' in the sense that it was a powerful cock stiffener? I'd never heard anything about any such coffee cock stands.

And neither had any of my close friends that I soon after discussed this phenomenon with. But like I said earlier, most people who drink coffee started when they were kids, and by now have to drink several more cups every day to even stay awake. I guess I was just one of the very few who joined the coffee crowd much later in life than most people do. Naturally, my horny girlfriend suggested that I start buying a lot more coffee so she can 'study the effects' for herself, which I naturally did.

As a postscript, I can also add that before leaving for school on that fateful morning of my discovery, I downed a second cup, purely for research purposes, of course, and sure enough it caused me to get hard as a rock again, only about 10 minutes after my first orgasm. So back into the bathroom I went, where I again pulled out my eager dick and jacked some more ball batter all over the sink.

During the years since my introduction to it, to prevent my system from getting bored with coffee, I've always limited myself to only a couple of cups per day, so it's continued to work like a charm in the erection department. As a result, it still only takes a little bit of it to get me stiff as a stone!

Of course I make no claims to be any kind of scientist, so all of the above coffee related commentary is only a report of my own personal 'field testing' of an average common brand name product. It's just general household stuff, various brands that one can find in any local market, and not any fancy expensive gourmet type.

So please note that although it indeed worked amazingly with me, everyone's sexual reactions will vary!



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