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Jenny's Red Panties

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A certain number of girls at my school had a habit of wearing their skirts as short as possible. Their uniform consisted of white shirt with tie, blue pleated skirt and white socks. These girls would roll the waistband of their skirt over several times thus shortening it, before smoothing their shirt over the top. I remember one girl Jenny in particular who was always being warned by the staff for wearing her skirt too short. She knew she was pretty, with blonde hair, pert breasts and shapely legs, and would often flaunt her looks.

On one particular occasion I watched her crossing the school yard and noticed as the wind caught her skirt I could see her shapely butt enclosed in a pair of bright red panties. The panties were working their way into her butt crack and her seeing her legs and butt cheeks got my cock stiffening. I followed her as she disappered behind one of the school out-buildings, and I hid behind some bushes which bordered the school perimeter. She pulled a pack of cigarettes out and lit up for a smoke. Now I knew why she had sneaked off alone. At this point she removed her jacket and lay it on the grass, sat down and leaned against the wall. I now had the perfect view of her red panties up her skirt as she sat with her knees up and feet apart. I had to remain silent as I was only several yards away from her. I slowly rubbed my hard cock through my pants as I studied the vee shape of her panties as they sunk between her butt cheeks. Her panty covered pussy was only yards away from me as I slowly eased my cock out and began to rub it.

She finished the cigarette and flicked it away from her. It landed at the foot of the bush I was hiding behind and it seemed like she was staring straight at me. I froze momentaily, however she dug into her school bag and pulled a pen and notebook out. She made a few notes in her book then put it back in her bag. What she did next totally blew my mind. With a quick glance around she took the pen and began rubbing the length of it up and down her panty clad pussy. By now my cock was dribbling with precum and I quickened my strokes. She alternated between looking towards the bush I was behind and down at her pussy as she continued to stimulate herself. I knew it would not be long before I blew my load. She then reached down and pulled her panties to one side and I could see her sparsely haired pussy. I was in heaven! She took the pen and inserted the blunt end a couple of inches into her pussy. She began pushing it in and out slowly whilst my hand was now a blur up and down my cock. My knees went weak and I felt the beginnings of an orgasm. I carried on watching her as she looked towards me, her hand slowly pistoning the pen in and out of her pussy. It was a matter of moments before I blew ropes of cum over the bush and let out a whispered cry as I orgasmed.

Jenny had a smirk on her face as she replaced her panties, tidied up and rejoined her friends in the school yard. I followed several minutes later after cleaning myself up. I saw her across the school yard and she gave me quick wink as if to say this was our 'little secret'.



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