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Jenny's Dad and My Bedroom Window

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I've always had a crush on my best friend Jenny's dad, Eric. He was 35 when this story happened, and I had just turned 18. Jenny was the result of two horny teenagers. I was home alone for the weekend and Jenny went with her mother on a college road trip.

Jenny and I live right next door to each other. My bedroom is on the second story, with my window facing towards her house. From my window, I have a perfect view of her parent's bedroom. I've never actually seen anything, because Jenny's mom always shuts the curtains. So imagine my surprise when I looked out my window and saw Eric laying naked on his bed!

I was instantly aroused. I had full view of his entire body. I drooled at my window sill admiring his gorgeous body. As I worked my way down from his chest, I could see his penis was fully erect!

Eric was casually laying there, flipping through the channels on the television until he found what he was looking for, a porn channel. I watched as he slowly reached for his cock and began stroking.

I couldn't take it anymore. I reached into my pajamas and began rubbing my swollen clit in circular motions. I exploded in seconds. Eric was still rubbing his cock, nice and slow. I wasn't satisfied. That's when the plan came to me.

I remembered hearing on the news about how a car chase ended with the suspect escaping on foot in our area. Eric once told me if I needed anything, he was right next door. I did need something, and I was going to get it.

I was at Jenny's door in less than a minute, dressed in an old pair of pajamas. The shirt was way too small, barely covering my belly button and very tight around my chest. I rang the doorbell three times, to make sure he came to answer. While I waited, I practiced my best 'scared' face.

When Eric opened the door, I noticed he was out of breath and his face was flushed. He was dressed only in a pair of sweat pants. His erection was clearly visible, but he was slouched at an attempt to hide it.

'Angelina? Jen isn't home right now, she'll be back tomorrow,' He said, still panting slightly. I noticed his eyes drop to my chest.

Bring on the waterworks! 'I.. I.. know... I just... I'm scared... My parents aren't... home... and the... criminal...' I covered my face with my hands and sobbed uncontrollably. Through my fingers I could tell he was about to take the bait.

'Oh, the car chase. Look don't be scared, I'm sure they'll catch him...' He said, trying to comfort me. I sobbed louder and mumbled something about being alone. He bit his lip and sighed. 'Would you like to stay here tonight? Just until your parents get home?'

I removed my hands from my face and nodded. I tried to make my smile appear innocent. I fell onto Eric and hugged him, continuing to sob on his shoulder.

At first, he just accepted the hug, leaving his arms in the air, but he eventually wrapped his arms around me. 'There, there, you're okay now, right?'

I could feel his erection through his pants. I timed my movements with my sobs as I tried to get a better feel of it. I felt Eric twitch and gasp as I did this.

He pulled back, shut the door, and quickly turned around, obviously trying to hide his erection again. 'I was just... watching a movie. Have you eaten?'

'Yes,' I said. 'What movie? Can I watch it with you?'

Eric's face went beet red. 'Um.. well.. I finished that movie, but we can watch some television I guess.' He walked into the living room, and sat down on the sofa. He pat the spot farthest from him.

Pretending not to notice this, I sat directly next to him. He smiled nervously and picked up the remote. 'What do you want to watch?'

'I don't care. I was actually hoping to fall asleep.' I laid my head on his shoulder.

'Oh, um, do you want to take the guest room?'

'No, I don't want to be alone. Can we watch some TV until I fall asleep?'

He laughed nervously and nodded. He turned on the television and began surfing through the channels.

I pretended to yawn and stretched. I laid down, placing my head on his lap. Eric stiffened and froze, not moving. My head lay right on top of his now throbbing erection. I pretended not to notice as I turned to look up at him.

He stared down at me, trying to smile. My pajamas were nearly soaked now. I had to make my move soon.

I raised my hand and touched his cheek. He was surprised, but smiled. I traced my his face with my finger tip until I reached his lips. I gently parted them and slid my finger into his mouth. He moaned in delight as I slipped in a second finger. He traced them with his tongue as I pulled them out.

'Angie?' He asked, trying to confirm the signals.

'Shh,' I told him as I slipped the two fingers I put into his mouth into my pajamas. I slid them into me, and began to slowly finger myself. I moaned and continued to stare at him.

He was smiling now, no longer nervously, but with lust. I continued to finger myself as he watched. He could not stand watching anymore, and slowly moved his hands towards my pajamas. I nodded and moaned as he pushed his hand in. He flicked my clit with his finger and began to circle it just like I did. I continued to finger myself as he massaged my clit. By breathing became heavier. I let out a scream of pleasure and arched my back as I climaxed next to him. I slowly removed my hand, and placed the two fingers in his mouth.

He moaned and licked my juices off my fingers, before taking his own hand and doing the same. I sat up and kicked my pajama bottoms and panties off. He reached for my shirt and eagerly pulled it off, exposing my bare breasts.

He instantly began playing with my nipples, pinching and kissing them. I could see a wet spot on his sweats from the pre-cum. I decided to no longer torture him.

I reached for his sweats and gently tugged them down. He smiled at me briefly before continuing to play with my breasts. As I grabbed his cock, he moaned. I slowly began to stroke it, allowing his pre-cum to dribble out and slide down his shaft and my hand. As I stroked him with one hand, I played with his balls with my other, squeezing and gently twisting them. It wasn't long before he began to thrust his hips and began panting.

'Angie... Angie... I'm going to cum... Angie... AHHH... I'm cumming! AHH! I cumming!' He cried out as he exploded. His warm cum covered my hands as I continued to stroke him. To my surprise, he reached down and began to finger me. Two of his fingers slid in and out of me, as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. I continued to stroke him, using his cum as a lube, until we both exploded a second time.

Exhausted, relieved, and satisfied, I laid back down on the couch. I wiped his cum off my hands with my panties and stared up at him. He was panting and smiling down at me. 'You weren't scared, were you?'

I giggled. 'You left the curtains open.'

He chuckled, and kicked his sweats off. He laid down on the couch and we cuddled until we both fell asleep.

We stayed like this until the morning, when the sound of the garage door woke us up. He pulled on his sweats and I pulled on my bottoms and top, leaving the cum covered panties on the floor.

I was heading towards the back door when he called out, 'Wait! Your panties!'

I walked to him, smiled, and said, 'Keep them and use them sometime. Just leave the curtain open.'

He smiled back at me and grabbed the back of my neck. He pulled my closer and passionately kissed me. As the door opened, I broke off and ran out the back door.

We had a signal for awhile: When the curtains were open, he was home alone and ready. This continued for a couple years until his wife left him for another man. Ironic, isn't it? We've been happily married for five years now, and are expecting our second child.



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