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Jenny the Babysitter

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I was 13. 'I don't need a babysitter anymore,' I almost shouted at my parents.

'Jenny will be over at 8:00,' was the response. Jenny was our neighbor. She was 16. She came over at 8:00 and my parents gave her directions. I was to have a bath and be in bed by 10:00.

When Jenny came into the living room, she said, 'Hi.' I just ignored her. After all, I didn't need a babysitter. I just kept watching TV. A little later, Jenny came in with a tray and some dinner she had microwaved. I took the tray without looking at her and began to eat.

'Are you going to be rude to me all night?' she asked. I ignored her. 'Okay,' she said tentatively, 'we'll see.' A minute later she changed the channel on the TV. I didn't say anything, but just changed it back. She changed it again and I changed it back. This went on for a couple of minutes. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mischievous smile on Jenny's face. She walked out of the room. I was a bit worried about that smile, but decided to play the game to its bitter end.

A minute later Jenny came in and sat down beside me. I kept my eyes on the TV, trying not to smile at my triumph. Jenny sat there for a while and then got up and walked in front of me. Suddenly she had my full attention. She had taken off her shirt! She just had a bra on top!

Jenny sat back down and said, 'I thought you were ignoring me.' I gulped and turned back to the TV, trying to forget what I had just seen. 'Hm...,' said Jenny. I heard her moving around next me me on the couch. Unable to control myself, I glanced over, then did a full double take. She had taken off her bra!

My jaw was on the floor and my eyes glued to her chest. 'You're supposed to look a girl in the eye, not on the chest,' she chided. I glanced up at her face, noticing a gloat of triumph, then returned my stare at her chest.

'Well, you're not gay,' Jenny noted, looking at my crotch. I glanced down at the boner forming in my shorts, then covered it with my hands. Suddenly, the pattern locked in my mind. If I ignored her more, would she take more off? With all of the strength I possessed, I stared at the TV. Jenny sat there for a couple of minutes, then said, 'Well this time I'm going to take your shirt off.'

She knelt in front of me. I leaned to the side so I could pretend I was watching TV, and not her gorgeous breasts hanging there. She tugged at my shirt, but I didn't raise my arms for her. She pulled it up a bit, then, again with that mischievous smile, ripped my shirt over my head. It hurt some, but I was still pretending to ignore her. She rubbed her hand over my chest. 'Nice,' she said, then sat back down on the couch.

By this time my boner was sticking straight out. It was getting hard to cover with my hands. When the show was over, Jenny got up and turned off the TV. I was starting to get up to turn it on when Jenny asked, 'Do you want to play strip poker?'

'How do you ...' I started, then remembered I was ignoring her.

'That's easy,' she said. 'Every time you loose, you have to take something off.' She glanced down at my hands in my lap. 'And you can't cover it with your hands.'

What a dilemma! I really, really wanted to see a girl naked, but that meant I would loose the ignoring game. It took me a few seconds to decide. 'Okay,' I finally squeaked. Jenny smiled and told me to get a deck of cards. When I came back in, her bra and shirt were back on, so I put my shirt back on. We sat cross legged on the floor. The details of the game were boring. My boner never stopped and once I had to pull off my boxers, it was really hard not to cover it with my hands. Jennies panties came off on the next hand though. I knew girls had hair down there, but I had never really imagined what it would look like.

Jenny stood up. 'Ready for a bath?' she asked. She took my hand, pulled me up and led me down the hall. I felt my dick bobbing in the wind, but watched her breasts jiggle as she moved. Then she walked past the bathroom and into my parents room. I got really worried for a second, but she continued on into my parents bathroom. They have a jet tub that fits two!

When Jenny bent over to turn on the water, my boyish programming took over and I reached out and placed my hand on her butt. She pushed me away, saying, 'None of that. You're not my boyfriend.' We climbed into the tub and stared at each other while the water filled. Jenny attempted some small talk, such as 'What's your teacher's name?' and things like that, I gave short answers as my eyes wandered from breast to crotch. Finally, Jenny said, 'Let me shampoo your hair.' So I turned around in the tub and let Jenny shampoo my hair and apply conditioner.

'Do you want me to shampoo your hair?' I asked as I turned around.

'Naw, your parents might figure out what's going on,' she replied. 'Now stand up and I'll wash your body.'

I stood up. My dick had never felt so hard! Jenny sat on the side of the tub and lathered her hands. She rubbed soap on my chest and tummy, then moved to my arms and my arm pits. My crotch felt like it was going to explode. 'Turn around,' she said nicely. I turned around. Her hands cupped my butt cheeks and rubbed a bit. I groaned. 'Feels good, huh?' she said.

'Yeah,' I croaked. I was surprised that a girl touching my butt would be so nice. I always thought it only felt nice when a girl touched a guy's dick.

Then she slipped her fingers into my butt crack. 'Got to get clean in there!' she said cheerfully. I groaned in response. My breathing was getting rapid and my heart was pounding hard enough to make my chest bump. 'Turn around,' she said again.

My body was so into the sensations that I fell as I turned around. Jenny helped me up and stood me in front of her. It was then that I noticed her nipples were sticking out and seemed to be hard. She resoaped her hands. She put her hand between my legs and started from the back, slowly drawing her hand over my crotch to my balls, then up around my boner. I went cross eyed and grunted as I came. As my legs gave out I splashed into the water. Jenny had a smile on her face that said she knew what had just happened. She finished washing my legs, then dried both of us off.

We got dressed and watched TV until 10, when I went to bed. I never did complain about Jenny babysitting again.



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