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Jeff's Note

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Names changed in this story with the exception of a stranger named Jeff who wrote my friend and me a strange letter. I found this letter while cleaning my room and couldn't believe I still had it. Looking at the now-tattered and faded note prompted me to write the experience behind it and now I can finally throw this note away.


Kevin and I had already established a mutual masturbation relationship. We started doing things that lead up to this at his house because his mother was a nurse and most nights when I ended up spending the night at Kevin's house his mother would leave around 9pm or 10pm and wouldn't be back until early morning. Usually after his mother left and we could see the car pull out of the driveway, Kevin would show me his penis thus initiating a mutual session. Our sessions were more than just sessions we would make a game out of it and dare each other to do things that involved either being naked, touching each other, talking about sexually explicit things, acting out pornos, etc.
I hope you all get the picture. We would play for a long time and not end until one or both of us ejaculated and were no longer in the mood. We would often play around like this for hours before we decided to ejaculate and move on to something else or go to sleep.
There was a period of time that Kevin's mother had been at home for our last few sleepovers and that had really put a dent in our mutual sessions. Although we could have locked his door and done it that way, neither of us felt comfortable doing that because Kevin's mom would stay up all night and we just did not feel we had the freedom to masturbate together with an adult in the house.
Anyway the time had finally come when Kevin's mother resumed leaving at night for work and not coming back until morning. I was thrilled when I found out because we had not masturbated together in quite a while and I missed our having our wild sessions. So I went to spend the night at Kevin's house his mother left and I was anxious for Kevin to initiate our sexually charged games, I never initiated I always waited for Kevin to do that because sometimes I would and he wouldn't always be in the mood but I always was in the mood. Anyway his mom leaves and Kevin says, 'Let's go to the mini mart.' (There was a 24-hour mini mart about three blocks from Kevin's house.) I am thinking, 'What about our games?' We get about halfway there and Kevin asks me if I think it's too late to go the mini-mart and of course I say, 'Yes,' because I just wanted to have a mutual session.
Kevin says to me, 'Lets just go down here to this school I want to show you something.'
There was an elementary school between his house and the mini mart and at night it was really dark.
We hop the fence into the school and walk over to some picnic tables that were next to a playground. Kevin sits on one of the tables and then tells me that he has come there a lot of times and has gotten naked and 'slapped the monster.' I did not believe him at all I asked him if he was afraid of getting caught. He told me to look around and all I could see was that we were in the middle of a dark elementary school campus with very few lights. So I proved his point that he had a very small chance of getting caught. Kevin was really selling this masturbating outside thing: 'It's so much better jacking off outside... It's so much more free... The air feels so good on your body.' Finally he asks if I want to try. He then took off all his clothes and sat back on top of the bench completely nude holding his erect penis. He then lay down on his back teasing his penis while he tried to convince me that it would be fun and that we would not get caught. I kept saying, 'Let's do this at your house,' but eventually I gave in and nervously took off my clothes until we were both nude. Soon nervousness gave way to sexual excitement as we both stood side-by-side comparing erections in the dim light. We played penis swords and finally we were standing face to face feeling each other up. Then we both heard a sneeze and immediately stopped. A man was on top of one of the slides in the playground. (We don't know how long he was there.) He stood up and pointed a flashlight at his penis, which was erect and then pointed it at us. He kept it on us as he was coming down the steps of the slide. Kevin and I both grabbed only our pants, put them on and held them up as we ran all the way back to the house. Neither of us had grabbed our underwear, shoes, socks, or shirts--nothing but our pants. I had put mine on backwards and Kevin had put his on the right way but had not zipped them up. As we got closer to his house we had calmed down enough to realize that Kevin's penis was exposed and of course he put it back.
I kept saying that we should call the police and Kevin said sarcastically, 'Hello police we were jacking off at an elementary school and saw some weird guy.' One thing was certain and that was that we needed to get the rest of our clothes back. The two of us, armed with a flashlight and baseball bat, went back to the scene and found all of our articles of clothing except our underwear. When we got home we found a note in Kevin's shoe written on the back of a receipt from an adult bookstore it read: 'thanks for letting me see that my name is Jeff sometime we could meet up at this same place I will be waiting I'm not a creep did not mean to scare you just felling (sic) horny thanks for the underwear I love the smell your boy crotch makes.' Needless to say that cured Kevin's love of the outdoors in regards to masturbating and so the rest of the night we talked about it and in the morning I snuck the letter out of the trash and kept it.



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