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Jeanette Browne

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Thirty years ago I was still a virgin, starting university, and eager to have intercourse. But I knew more about mutual masturbation, and things only got better with my new partner...


My second serious girlfriend is responsible for my all-consuming passion for mutual masturbation. We had met in a university discussion group one day, gone for coffee, and within hours she was instigating sex, not waiting for me to.

She was eighteen, just under my height of six foot, perhaps 5'10', and more plump than my skinny 120lbs. Jeanette had flaming red hair, large brown eyes, and what I know now to be D or even E-cup breasts. In eight months I would never get to touch those, even through her clothes, as she said 'That would just take me out of control and I'd let you do anything!.'

She had taken me back to her room, unbuttoned her jeans, and directed my hand through the zipper fly to her very wet pussy. Jeanette would keep her bra and sweater and silky satin panties on, while she'd strip me naked. Actually we had a couple of things we did regularly together, this was just one of them.

She would lie on her back with her knees apart and let me 'dry hump' her. I was amazed at how much moisture she produced compared with my first girlfriend who orgasmed regularly from my fingers diligent attentions. I could very much still feel Jeanette's wetness, even through her underpants; she had huge pussy lips that would protrude when she got 'hot' and I would slide my rigid six and a half inch cock back and forth between these well-lubricated ridges while she still had her underpants on. She always allowed this to continue until I shot my load, then she would remove her underpants, 'milk' my cock until the last of my semen drained into her soiled panties, then throw them over the side of the bed.

That was her sign that it was now my turn to finish her off. She guided my hand back to her sloppy-wet waiting pussy. I would slide the edge of my hand forward and back between her swollen pussy lips, occasionally rubbing in the area around her clit. She really had a HUGE, long slit. Each stroke allowed me to realise how hot, slippery, and long her slash was. Sometimes she would slip her hand down and thrust my fingers into her vagina. Sometimes after a few minutes of my slow finger-fucking she would take her hands and pull open her outer lips, spreading them for my thrusting fingers. I'm not sure whether I ever noticed the size of her clit or not, since I was so inexperienced. At some point she would start bucking faster, and cum.

She was the wettest woman I've ever been with, and I loved the sloppy sounds. I still think of Jeanette, as neither my first wife nor the girlfriend in between nor my second wife admit to or seem to have any interest in masturbating.

I have masturbated for years, first alone in my teens, then with Jeanette. One day we were studying together in her rest room and as I was about to leave, we embraced. I tried to keep the large lump in the front of my pants from touching her, but she looked at me, smiled, and said, 'It HAS been a while, hasn't it?'

I said, 'Yes, it has, and I'm sorry about the boner.' I was embarrassed now and tried to leave, but really wished she'd relieve me. She said it was okay, and hugged me tightly. I was pressing into her waist. I could feel my cock throbbing with my heartbeats. She took her hand and pressed her palm against my cock through my pants. I kissed her.

She squeezed my cock, began to stroke. Then she undid my pants, pulling them and my underwear down all at once. My cock sprang free, and she gave it a squeeze. She was blushing. Now she was getting undressed, pulling her sweatshirt over her head. Undoing her pants. I knew the T-shirt and bra wouldn't be coming off. She continued, 'You're HUGE today!' She slipped off her jeans, and then moved to hug me in just her pink cotton underpants. It struck me how beautiful her plump body was. 'I think you'd be too big for me!' she said.

I hugged her, and she hugged me back with one arm while she placed her other hand firmly around my cock and started to stroke it. I slipped her underpants down. She closed her eyes and gasped. I led her to the bed. As I glanced at her, I thought she was the most wonderful girl in the world.

She pulled the covers back, right off the end of the bed, and lay down on her side. I lay down beside her. We hugged for a few moments while she stroked me. Then she stopped, opened the bedside table drawer, and pulled out a skrunched-up tube of lubricant. She squeezed out a small glob onto the head of my cock. I'd never used lubricant before, so it was a new sensation. She lay to my right and propped her head up on one arm while she reached for my cock with her right hand.

She slowly started stroking me up and down, spreading the lube. She whispered in my ear, 'Just relax and let me do you.'

It was incredible. She was painfully slow to start, and she gradually speeded up. The lube let her hand just glide up and down with no effort. She knew exactly what she was doing, everywhere she squeezed, the amount of pressure she used, it was all perfect. Someone somewhere along the line showed this girl how to give a really great handjob. Probably that guy she was 'saving herself for', intending to marry once she graduated. But he was in another province, and she needed regular servicing. By me.

Every so often she'd ask me if it felt good. I was just lying there with my head thrown back on the pillow. 'You're amazing!' I said. Finally my orgasm started to build in me and her hand was just a blur flying up and down my shaft. A minute later I felt like a slingshot being pulled back, and I waited for the inevitable explosion. Then suddenly, as I gazed at Jeanette's naked belly, her bountiful red pubic hair, I felt a great convulsive throb as a torrent of thick, sticky white fluid shot out of my penis, made an arc in the air and fell on to my chest.

I immediately rolled onto my side, pulled her to me, and my cock squeezed between my naked body and hers, as the second convulsive spurt shot out. It was just paradise, to be spurting wads of sperm while actually clasping a near-naked woman to my naked body. She continued to grasp my cock, milking me until she sensed my waves of pleasure subsided. She kissed my neck.

I looked at her and thanked her. She giggled.

Jeanette started to tell me about her first sexual experience with this guy back home. After a movie they had finally started doing some heavy petting, eventually getting naked from the waist down. He was very tall, a very large boy, and she expected a penis to match but his dick was actually quite small. She was straddling his legs as he sat on the front seat of his dad's pickup truck. He had been fingering her inside and he replaced his fingers with his penis and she didn't realize this until he grunted and clasped her with both hands but he had already cummed inside her. So this was the story of how she lost her virginity.

This talk had gotten her hotter. She said, 'I want to feel your fingers inside me.' I said I really wanted to touch her tits, but she said 'no' again. I got her to roll to face away from me, and I hugged her from behind. I gently moved my right hand to trace her bottom, eventually sliding my fingertips along her moist slit. She was beginning to squirm, to moan.

She pressed her bottom against my erect penis. My hand went to her bush, and I could feel her heat, her moisture. I let my finger slide along the length of her cunt, now feeling so wet, and teased her by inserting just the tip of one finger between her outer lips, slowly moving it along forward until I reached her clitoris. Then I suddenly slipped my thumb up into her vagina. She gasped. She reached down to feel my hand, perhaps not trusting that it was NOT my penis in her.

By now she was breathing heavily and squirming with pleasure and I started to rub there. She was reaching back to put her hand on my thigh. After a few minutes her legs straightened, she gripped me tighter, her back arched, and a loud gasp signaled her orgasm.

She reached back to stroke me, and we both rolled partially onto our backs. I placed my hand over her's on my cock, and began to stroke until she picked up the rhythm. I told her it felt really good the way she was doing that and as the last word escaped my lips I exploded my white cum all over her hip.



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