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Jealous at a Wedding

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This is still one of my strongest and horniest memories for me. I was very developed...frustrated as all hell, but developed!


There was to be a wedding in my one of my families huge gardens. This place is massive and has a boating/swimming lake around which the wedding was to take place. All morning, as people started arriving, they were dressed up and looked really good. As soon as the bride arrived, I couldn't get it out of my head that tonight, she would be on her back with her legs spread fucking. She looked so pretty in her wedding dress, and her future husband also looked good enough to eat. (And I WOULD have too!) As the ceremony proceeded, we all sat on chairs under a huge sun canopy. I wasn't listening to the service at all though. All I could see was the bride and groom in the hotel late. Her sucking his dick and him driving her to one orgasm after another.

By the end of the marriage ceremony, I was wet enough to stick to the chair! I figured 'Well, THEY are gonna get off later, I'll get off now.'

I wandered into the house and pretty soon found the bedroom they had shared the previous night. (They've been living together for over a year) I locked the bedroom door behind me and lay on their bed. I had my skirt up around my waist and was getting into it imagining I was her and the groom was about to fuck me. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pile of clothes that included my new sister-in-law's panties. I jumped off the bed and picked them up and as I hoped, they were very VERY creamy. I bet anything they had fucked last night. I took a little smell, and although I could smell pussy, there was another scent there that made my head spin. (I now know it was sperm) I flipped my own panties off and put hers on and got back on the bed. Having real sperm against my pussy was a massive turn on and I jilled through the material all the time pretending he was there with me. I let the orgasm build to just that sweet pre-cum spot... you know? Then I tugged the material to one side and said out loud. 'Spunk up my hole and make me pregnant' As I came, I pushed the panties against, but not into myself. (At that age, not even my own fingers had made THAT journey.) Oh, but that cum was strong. I really wanted to keep her panties on, but I knew I would be busted if I did so I put them back but left my own ones off.

At 14, I was a terrible flirt and would often make indecent suggestions to people who were always very polite as they brushed me aside. At the reception, I got to dance with the groom. I knew I had nothing on under my skirt and I made sure I pressed against him real hard. 'I wish you were going to fuck ME tonight' I said, more for shock value than anything. Chris smiled and said 'Charlotte, no man alive would NOT want to fuck you. If you were older, I would take you to a room and fuck you right now.' Well, I almost melted. I felt my pussy jump and my clit throbbed fit to bust. 'You mean it? You would really fuck me?' He chuckled a little and leaned in to my ear as we danced. 'Look Charlotte, you are at that age when everything is horny. I bet you love thinking about sex and talking dirty, so here's what I'm going to do. I am going to talk dirty to you, then I want you to go and jill off somewhere. ok?' All I could do was nod dumbly.

He then went on to tell me exactly what he would like to do with me and by the time the music ended I could barely walk. I went to my room, had myself another lovely jill off and then went back to the room. He took my hand, the hand I had between my legs and kissed my fingers! The first time a man had tasted me. 'MMm.' he said 'one day, I will taste that for real.'

And one day, he did!



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