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What started as a prank ends in . .


I met Jay when I was second year in college. He's pretty good looking, fun to hang out with, he has a good body and he has that bad boy look. We became good friends in a short amount of time mainly because we share the same interests in games, sports, vices, girls and we also got the same sense of humor. Liquors are not allowed in our dorm so we secretly drink in my room with other friends. It became a weekly thing for us and sometimes even twice to trice a week.

One night my roommate (doesn't drink with us) went home for the weekend so I invited Jay and our other two friends to drink in my room. They all agreed so after curfew we started our session and it was fun. I woke up in the middle of the night. My two other friends were gone and Jay was sleeping shirtless beside me on my bed. Seeing him fast asleep gave me an idea. Another thing that Jay and I does are embarrassing pranks on each other like pull each other's pants on the hallway, take a video of each other while pooping or while one of us is in the shower, and other stuff like that. I thought about taking a close up picture of his dick and making that his wallpaper on his laptop would be hilarious (we've seen each others thing but just a glimpse). So I slowly and carefully slide down his shorts. He has a nice bush and his dick was thick even though it's soft.

The moonlight was pretty bright so I was still able to see his dick clearly. I took my phone on my bed and took pictures of his dick. Close up and whole body. I thought he might wake up from the flash of my phone. I was laughing a bit just imagining how he would react when he saw this on his laptop. After taking pics I stared at his unconscious face and nude body and realized just how hot he is for a guy. His broad chest, nice tan, and beefy body. I don't know what pushed me but I touched his cock and it felt nice. It was really warm. I gently squeezed it a few times and I was shocked when I noticed that it suddenly started to get hard. I got nervous so I took off my hand and looked at him but he still looked unconscious. I slowly touched his now hard and thick cock and I heard him moan a little. I started pumping it up and down and I noticed that his breathing got heavier. I was sitting while I was masturbating him with my right hand. I felt really hot and my dick is also hard by now.

I started to play and pinch his nipples with my left hand and he started moaning louder. I never saw him in this kind of way but I was really horny by now stroking his cock and seeing him moan in ecstasy as I stroked him faster. I don't know what came over me but I leaned over and started to kiss his neck. His breathing got deeper and heavier. I continued kissing his body going down to his chest and stomach and his moans got even louder. Then I licked and sucked his nipples and he started squirming. He was starting to get really loud so I put my finger on his mouth and he bit it a little hard but tolerable. I can't believe my prank plan on him led to this but I was too horny to stop by now. I stroked his dick faster by this point while I kept on sucking his nipples while he's sucking and biting my fingers.

After a while of beating him, his cock got even harder and out came six ropes of my best friend's cum. I softly and slowly stroke his cock until it got soft. His chest, abs, my hand, and his cock and balls were covered with his cum. I tried to save this mental picture on my memory. That time I was definitely sober and in awe of what just happened. I took pictures again of my best friend naked with cum all over his body. I took a used shirt near my bed and wiped his body, cock and balls then I put his shorts back on. He's back to sleeping like a baby and I went to the bathroom and had one of the greatest orgasms of my life. There were other instances like this that happened later on but that's for another time.



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