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Japanese Home Movie

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Another memory of Toshiko, my very horny and masturbation-oriented Japanese girl-friend. She was one of those girls who don't easily come by being fucked, but that never stopped us enjoying ourselves...


We were both going to have Friday off, so I called Toshiko to make arrangements. I'd go over to her place late morning; later we'd go out to lunch and movie. Then she asked me over the phone what I'd like her to be wearing when I arrived. Well, I thought, now that you ask.... White T-shirt, no bra please, white panties, black pantie-hose and a short skirt. She then told me which underwear she'd like me to be wearing, and we were both left in little doubt how we'd spend our first hour or so together.

I got to her place at about 11, heart pumping. She opened the door, and was dressed as I had asked. We went into the main room of her tiny apartment and immediately could not keep our hands off each other. Soon I had my trousers off, and was kneeling in front of her sucking her already-hard nipples through the thin white T-shirt. Then I moved away a touch and motioned for her to lift her skirt. I find the sight of white panties through black pantyhose unaccountably thrilling, and she was happy to comply. Slowly I moved my face towards her crotch, and could smell how damp she already was. For several minutes while she held the skirt up I clasped her to me and kissed the front of her pantyhose. Finally, she said, quietly and simply, 'I like to come'.

I loved watching her, and knew that if I let her bring herself off, it would not be her only come of the morning. There was plenty of time, and she was in THAT mood. So, quietly, I said OK, but she had to bring herself off, and I wanted to film her coming in those pantyhose. A little to my surprise, she was thrilled by the suggestion - she'd never seen herself come on screen. But she had a condition too - she was to film me afterwards.

I took the little skirt off her, and she laid back on her futon. I found her little mini-DV camera in a drawer and slipped in a fresh cassette. Her hands were already circling around her crotch when I motioned to her to start. I saw her right hand slip into the front of her hose, then disappear greedily into her white panties, while her left held up the waistband of the hose. The sight of the white panties under the hose is thrilling enough on its own. But now I focused the camera tightly, and could see the shape of her fingers working slowly inside them. Pan to her head, which was held a little off the futon on a couple of pillows. Her eyes were staring intently at her hand working inside her panties - she was all but ignoring me. Back to her crotch. Hand working a little faster now, and I could hear the faint sound of her dampness under her fingers. Back to her face. He eyes lost in pleasure. Back to the crotch. Faster again. Back to her face - gentle panting and moaning. Down again, and I could see that the hose was becoming an impediment to her ever-more insistent hand. I let her know she could pull the hose down a little, so she pulled them a little way down her hips, lifted up the front of her panties and thrust her hand back inside.

Now she was going for it. I didn't know where to point the camera - at her raging crotch, or her utterly absorbed face. I settled for both, panning back in time to see her tense up, utter a few louder moans, and then shake violently, her hand pressed tightly into her pussy.

As the orgasm subsided, I turned the camera off, leaned over and kissed her deeply. She was still shaking slightly, but gave a self-satisfied smile and asked how that had looked. Fabulous, I said. OK, she said, she wanted to watch. I plugged the camera into her small TV, rewound the tape and hit play. She slid off her pantie-hose, and then, wearing just T-shirt and panties, sat in front of the set and watched in fascination. It was a great show, and we both knew the ending, which was almost as good on the screen as it had been live.

By now her hand was already stroking the front of her panties again, and I was straining almost painfully inside my silky grey boxer-briefs. 'Your turn', she said, 'And I get the camera.' I lay where she had lain a few minutes earlier, and she took up the camera. 'Hands away' she said, and took a few pictures of the bulging front of my underwear, before saying - 'OK, now you enjoy'. I needed no second invitation, pulled down the front of the briefs with one hand, and started stroking myself happily. From time to time she asked me to stop, and zoomed in on the top of my very hard cock before letting me continue. As I closed in on my own orgasm, she told me to stop one more time. As difficult as it was, I complied, but it was too late. As I took my hand away, my cock kept twitching, and then suddenly I was spurting all over my stomach and T-shirt. Toshi just kept right on filming. 'Touch me', I said, and, while one hand held the camera, she pushed down on my cock with the other to squeeze the rest of the orgasm out of me.

I was for the moment orgasmed out, but she was steaming again, and she kneeled astride me, slipped her hand into her panties and started over again. I took the camera from her, and, lying on my back, shot our third home movie of the morning.



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