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Jane Got Me Started

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The first time I had sex was when I was 16. I was dating this girl Jane for a while and we went to an event that was for her dad, (Can't remember exactly what the event was). It was a 'dress up' thing so I had a suit and tie on and she had a dress. I took my mother's car, a big Ford Zodiac, which in 1977 was a pretty good car. After the event I drove her home and we parked outside of her house. Our usual kissing led to partial disrobing and after trying to figure out which one of us was going to stick my throbbing member in her I finally got it in. I think it lasted a whole 2 minutes, and then I came like a machine gun.
Jane was really pissed off because she hadn't had a chance to even get started. So she made me cuddle up and kiss her while I used my fingers on her. She soon got very hot, thrusting her hips up at my hand and panting like a racehorse. I had never seen her like this before. But I didn't really know what to do and the angle wasn't right, so I kept losing the rhythm. Suddenly she snorted in exasperation, reached down with her own hand and took over. At that age I was rock hard again by then, and the sight of her sprawled across the car seat, dress bunched up round her waist, fingers flying frantically at her slit, was more than I could endure. I thrust forward, and was in her up to the hilt instantly. She winced slightly and bit her bottom lip, but did not miss a beat. Jane was sopping wet, both from her own efforts and my first ejaculation. So I was able to last much longer this time. I rammed it in and out of her furiously; madly excited by the feeling of her hand under my belly clawing at herself. Her breath was coming in great gasps, but between each one she was chanting a litany. 'Don't stop...You bastard...Oh yes, like that...Don't stop...Keep going...Oh God...Nearly...Oh God...Nearly...Oh God YESSsssss.' As she came her spastic movements sent me over the top again, it was like my spine being jetted out of the end of my cock.
We lay there sobbing for breath for a while. Somehow even then I knew that I would never experience anything so intense again. We started to get our clothes back in order and clean up as best we could. Then we discovered we had made a big mess on my mum's front seat. Jane was sitting in a puddle, two massive doses of my come mixed with her juices and a smear of blood, as this was also her first time. The more I tried to clean it up the worse it spread. Next day I was in deep trouble; grounded forever and a day!
I never got it on with Jane again; by the time I was back in circulation she was seeing another guy. Also she seemed unable to cope with having 'let herself go' SO WILDLY. In those days of course 'nice girls didn't'. I was left with an addiction for watching girls frig themselves. To this day nothing else does it for me with such power.



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