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James L

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This story took place 2 Saturday's ago but it has its routes for me in something from a long time ago.
When i was 12 years old i was involved in a game of manhunt/hide&seek that kinda thing neways. I was playing the game with a whole bunch of youths from our side of town. With the light summer evenings we could easily be out for 4 hours in the evenings so we had plenty of time to use the large area.
I found myself having to hide with a girl of 16 who i knew from playing these kinda games and we got on well and it never occured to me at the age of 12 as to why a 16 year old girl was hanging around with kids younger than her. Anyways we were hiding in an alley behind some houses where nobody could see us. Out of nowhere the girl who we'll call D asked me if i had ever kissed a girl and i honestly answered that i had. Her next question was 'would you like to kiss me?' obviously i felt a bit awkward but being the sort of gung-ho lad i was at that time i said i would. D moved in and kissed me on the lips and i kissed her back. I liked it very much. 'Your a good lil kisser' D said 'can you keep a secret?' i nodded and said 'sure'. D took a deep breath and said 'see...i like to kiss boys dicks' i gave her a funny look and she responded by saying 'would you like me to show you by kissing yours...you'll like it' I had gone a shade of red but still nodded. D dropped down on to her knees and then pulled my shorts and my boxer shorts down to expose my 2 inch soft penis. My dick was fairly sensitive so as she rolled back the foreskin i got a nice sensation. D then put her lips to the tiny head and kissed it and i liked it. 'would you like me to kiss it a bit more?' D asked. I simply nodded and by this time my cock had grown to 4inch erect and the head had swollen up a bit. Again D planted a kiss on the head and then she started to lick it. I couldn't believe the feelings i was getting and when she took the 4 inches into her mouth my lil dick was sending electric feelings across my body. I thought i heard someone coming so i told D to stop even though i was enjoying her licking and sucking my lil prick. After pulling my shorts up D told me to keep it a secret and that if i did she might do it again. However she never did.
Now skip forward almost 6 years and the only sexual contact i had had since D giving me a blowjob was feeling a girls pussy through her jeans. In those 6 years i'd discovered love for masturbation and porn. Since the age of 15 or around then i'd been craving sexual contact either female or male. I hatched a plan to get some with my best friend Dean.
I was sleeping round Deans place and i was on his bedroom floor while he slept in his bed. We've been masturbating together for a couple of years now and i like to look at him whackin that 7 incher while i flog my 6 incher. Anyways i was laying on the floor jacking myself turned on by the fact Dean was in the room with me (although not looking at me) Dean had said he could'nt be bothered to jack himself but din't mind if i did. After a bit of work on my cock i plucked up the courage to carry out my plan.
I stood up and stood over Deanwho turned to look at me completely in the nude.
'I dare you to touch my cock' i said to Dean
'id rather not' was the reply (as expected)
'look...we've been mates for ages lets just have some harmless fun'
'yeh but your my mate and everything ..i mean how can i touch your cock'
'quite simply - move your hand and put it on it'
Silence. Then Dean moved his right hand and held my head between his thumb and finger.
'nice?' i asked
'yes, yes it is' said Dean
'go on then' i said 'give me a handjob'
I was bit surprised to see Dean wrap his hand around the shaft and jack my hard dick, but he did. I moaned softly and thought to myself 'my best friend is giving me a handjob' which turned me on even more. He seemed to be enjoying servicing me.
'would you let me put it in your mouth?' i asked
The answer was Dean sitting up on the side of his bed and leaning forward to take the head of my cock into his warm and wet mouth. I moaned with sheer delight.
'can i cum in your mouth?'
Dean's response to this was to start sucking even harder. After a couple of minutes i unloaded into his mouth.
anyways i sucked Dean off and we're planning to do lots more in the future.



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