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This story happened a few years ago. My brother's friend James was 13. We all spent the whole summer in little more than shorts and a t-shirt, so both of us had tanned bodies from the sun.

One day James came over to see my brother. They would hang out in his room, and I was lazing on the couch watching a movie, just in my shorts. My parents were out at a dinner party - they wouldn't be home until late and I was in charge, as James was sleeping over. My brother had been complaining of a bad stomach all day, and had decided to go to sleep early, so James ended up on the couch with me watching the end of the movie. James leant up against me, and not being prudish or uncomfortable with myself, I put an arm around his waist. He did the same, trying not to let me notice that he was rubbing my hard abs as he moved his arm. What he didn't know was that as he moved, I could run my hand along the top of his boxer shorts, also feeling his soft skin.

After a while, the movie ended and we decided to play cards as neither of us were tired. We played a few hands of rummy, then because it was late we decided to play one hand of poker before going to bed. James suggested strip poker...I agreed as it wouldn't take long, neither of us was wearing much anyway.

James lost the first round and took off his t-shirt, revealing a nicely developing six-pack (almost as nice as mine :P) He lost the next hand too and was down to just his underwear, so we were even - even as far as we both had tents in our shorts too. We decided that the loser would have to get naked standing up, so they couldn't hide anything. James lost the third hand too, and stood up. He turned away from me and slowly slid his boxers down. I sat there staring at his cute little butt, feeling my boner pushing against my shorts already.

As he turned around again, his rock hard penis came into view. I was so horny that my balls were aching, so I stood up and pulled my shorts off too, and he stared at my larger more mature erection. We both just looked at each other, then he started rubbing his boner, and I did the same to mine, neither of us looking away from the other.

I couldn't stand just watching, so I moved closer and put one hand on the back of his head, and put the other on his adorable butt, then kissed him, sticking my tongue into his eager mouth. I felt his hand on my penis, so I grabbed his too and started pumping like mad.

After a minute or so, I backed him into the wall, and we both let go of the others boner, and started humping each other instead, our smooth, toned, hairless bodies rubbing together, it was so hot. We switched places so my back was against the wall - I grabbed his little butt again with both hands while he started pumping my erection again. I squeezed it in reaction to the pleasure, and came all over his penis and abs, the most I'd ever come.

After that, I took his cute boner in both hands and rubbed it as hard as I could, I felt his knees buckle as he clung to me, thrusting with the pressure of the come going all over my crotch and belly.

We kissed more, then went upstairs into our separate bedrooms.



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