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Jake Home from Business Trip

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I have written here before about my husband, Jake. Recently he went on a business trip and we were anxious to be together again.


Earlier this year, Jake was away on business for an entire week. He got home on Friday night and we couldn't wait to be with each other. The boys wanted to go to a ballgame, so I dropped them off and went home to wait for Jake.

Jake and I had been talking to each other on the phone since he got on the road, although my end of the conversation was very tame with the boys nearby.

One time when he called, he told me he was at a rest area, emptying his nuts beside the car. He said it took so long to find somewhere to pull over that he couldn't make it into the rest room, so he just had to hop out of the car and do his business. He hadn't wanted to go in the company car in case he made a mess. Fortunately, he was the only one at the rest area. As he was finishing, he could see someone else pulling off the interstate. He said he didn't have time to wipe his weiner, but got it put away just in the nick of time so it wasn't obvious what he was doing. He was glad he had parked away from the main area so the big puddle of cum he had emptied onto the pavement wasn't obvious from where the older couple parked.

Jake had a four hour drive home and they were long hours for both of us. As soon as I got in the car leaving the ballpark I called Jake's cell. He was only about 20 minutes away.

I told him I would be waiting for him when he got home.

He said, 'it better be downstairs, by the back door. I'm going to do good to hold it until I get in the door.'

'I'll be in the kitchen,' I said. 'And ready.'

'Honey, I really don't know if I'm going to make it. I'm close, now,' Jake said. 'I know I'm not going to be able to please you. I'm about to explode in my pants. I stopped at the last rest area and wanked but I'm close to jizzing again.' He groaned a bit and said, 'I hate driving a company car. I don't dare let my dick out inside the car.'

'I just want to feel you,' I said. 'I know you'll have to go right away. That's OK. I just want to be with you.'

'OK,' he said. 'I better stop talking. It's turning me on more to hear your voice. I'll see you soon.'

When I got home I didn't leave the kitchen. I knew I'd hear the garage door go up and know Jake was home.

My pussy was dripping. Jake and I have sex almost every day so being apart for days at a time was difficult. As the boys have gotten older and need less from us, our sex life has increased steadily, back to the way it was before we had children. Other women my age say they have no sex drive but mine seems to keep increasing.

I let my hand wander to between my legs and pressed the fabric of my dress up against my pussy. I was wearing a summer dress, lightweight, with no panties. I wanted to be able to bare my ass to Jake. I squeezed my legs and felt wetness all over my upper thighs.

As soon as I heard the garage door go up, I bent over the counter, and flipped my dress up. When Jake walked in the door, he would be staring at me from the side.

I heard the door open and looked over to see Jake coming in with one hand holding his dick through his jeans. There was already a wet spot in them.

He walked the few steps to where I was, unzipping as he came toward me. He stood behind me and with a groan I heard his pants drop and felt his rock hard dick hit me on the ass, his cum flying all over me. He hadn't been able to get it inside. He was grunting with every pump of jizz. I could feel it dripping down my crack and onto my legs. As he was letting go of his load, he reached his hand around to my clit and flipped it as he continued to empty his balls.

'Baby, I've missed you so much,' he groaned.

'Me too, honey. I need it bad.'

'I'm sorry I couldn't get it in, baby. I just couldn't hold it. When I saw you there I started cumming in my pants. I was holding my pee hole just to keep what I could in until I got over here.'

'It feels good just to have your cum on me,' I said. I could feel his half hard dick up against my ass. 'Are you done,' I asked.

'For the moment,' Jake said. 'But I've been cumming all day today. I just can't seem to get relief. I've been needing you,' he said as he kissed the back of my neck while he diddled my clit.

I could feel the orgasm welling up inside me. 'I'm going to cum, baby,' I said. 'I'm going to wet.' I could feel the juices running down the inside walls of my pussy.

'Let it go, sweetheart,' he said, breathlessly. 'Just let it all go.' He moved and cupped his other hand around my pussy from behind, sticking a finger up inside me. 'Fill my hand, baby. Squirt it all out. I know how it is to need to me squirt it out. Let it go.'

My orgasm overtook me and with his permission I groaned as I felt the juices run out of me, my pussy contracting as I came all over both of Jake's hands. He was half standing, half kneeling beside me, his pants on the floor, wet from where he had leaked in them before and dripped on them after cumming. I could see his dick growing hard again.

When I finished, we held each other tightly and kissed for the first time in a few days. I could feel Jake's hard dick up against me and knew we were both wanting much more from each other.



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