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Jake and Me

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I joined the swim team in my sophomore year, not because I liked to swim, but honestly to see hot guys naked. I wasn't a bad swimmer, and actually got to be pretty competitive. All the hard work in the pool everyday was rewarded later in the showers. I would etch those naked firm taut bodies into my brain, and conjure up the greatest fantasies as soon as I got home and could lock my door. I got to be friends with a lot of the guys on the team, and my secret fantasies were never known. One of my best friends was Jake, and he was backstroker like me. He had a great body, smooth muscular chest, a hint of a six pack, defined pecs with large half dollar sized pink nipples. He sported a nice sized fat dick that hung down over a perfect nutsack, which were the fodder of a lot of great orgasms for me.

Our Junior year, both Jake and I made it into the state sectional meet, and we were pretty excited about it. After the light practice on the Friday before Saturday's meet, the coach met with all the guys going to sectionals to go over the details. We had to meet at the pool at 7:00 in the morning for the bus to the meet. He advised us on all the usual shit.. get a good's nights rest, eat a good but not filling meal, have a light breakfast, etc... and then suggested that we shave for the meet. Being fairly not hairy, neither Jake nor I had ever done that. Some of the other guys with chest hair, or thick leg hair had shaved before, but neither Jake nor I even shaved our faces more than twice a week.

After the meeting, Jake suggested I spend the night at his house, since he lived only a block away from the practice pool, and I was nearly a half hour away. I got the okay from my Mom, and she dropped me off around 7:00. His Mom made us dinner, then she and his Dad went out. After dinner, Jake asked me if I was gonna shave. I said I guess we should, but that I had never done it before, and he said the same. We put on our racing speedos, and went into his bathroom. He gave me an extra Bic razor, and we first shaved our armpits, staring into the mirror. Then we foamed up our arms and shaved those. We realized that shaving our left arms was easy, but using the razor in our left hand was not so easy, so I did his right arm then he did mine. We did the front of our left legs, then did each others right leg, and then we did the back of each others legs, since you couldn't do that easily either. Shaving around the edge of Jakes speedos got my aroused, but I managed to not spring wood. When we finished, we each checked out each other for any missing spots. Jake had some tiny hairs running from his belly button into his speedos, and a few small hairs around his nipples. He pulled his speedos down until his pubes were showing, and shave them off, then he shaved his left nipple, then handed me the razor. I put a little dab of shaving cream around his nipple, then shaved around it To get close, I had to pull his nipple slightly stretching the skin. That was really getting to me, as it hardened in my fingertips. I could feel myself starting to bone, so I glanced down to make sure it wasn't too obvious. When I looked down, I could see Jake had a hardon in his speedos,

I couldn't believe it, and quickly boned up too. He looked at me, and said 'dude.. what you expect, you're playing with my nipple! They're really sensitive!' He grabbed a towel and wiped his chest clean, and looked over at me, and said 'what's your excuse?'. So I quickly said 'Just a random boner.. happens all the time.' Jake then pulled down the front of his speedos, and his dick popped out. 'I hate getting boners in speedos, they're way too tight. I just stared at this piece of perfect manmeat. It curved up toward's his stomach, perfect pink head on a big fat shaft. He reached over to my speedo's and said' let's compare', and pulled mine down. Then grabbed my dick and placed it next to his. 'Yep, I've got you by a couple of inches' he said, and slowly stroked both of them with his right hand. I leaned down and licked his nipple, then lightly sucked the hard nib. He moaned and squeezed our dicks. 'fuck that feels good!' he said. I pulled back but fingered his other nipple, and he sighed again. Then he looked at me and said 'lets go to my bed'.

I followed him into his room and he peeled off his speedo, and laid down, I quickly followed, and laid next to him. He reached over and started jerking me off, and I did the same to him. He asked me to play with his nipples again, so I leaned over and started sucking on them... one for about 10 seconds, then the other. Jake stopped jerking me, and concentrated on what I was doing to him. I would lick, then blow, then suck, then lightly nip on each nipple, and it was driving him nuts. I was slowly jerking him off, and could feel lots of precum around the head. He was squirming, and breathing hard, his hips would thrust into my hand. He asked me to go faster, and had both hands on the side of my head, moving me back and forth from one nipple to the other. He said he was going to cum, and I just kept going, He arched his chest, and I felt a shot of cum hit my cheek. I pulled off his chest and looked down and watched him spurt out four or five more shots onto his stomach. I let go of his cock, and Jake rubbed his hand into his cum, then used it to jerk me off. Watching his cum cover my dick sent me over, and I shot real fast, and real hard.

We cleaned ourselves up, and laid back down on the bed next to each other naked, and Jake told me he had been waiting to do that for a year. I couldn't believe it!! I told him me too, but that I had jerked off hundreds of times fantasizing about hooking up with him. He leaned over and kissed me, and we both got hard again. We dry humped to another orgasm. When we went to bed, we did it again, and later that night I awoke to feel Jake stroking me, and we had our fourth orgasms of the night.

The next day, Jake and I finished last in our respective heats. But we kept hooking up all the way through high school.



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