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Jacuzzi Show

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What great fringe benefits from a part-time job


This goes back to when I was 18 and working at a tennis club. My job was working various positions, Counter, Pro Shop, and cleaning up towels from the male dressing area. There was also a young lady to do the ladies' side.

By good fortune one night after shutting the lights, I saw some light coming from the nearby wall. Approaching it I realized a small space was apparent near some kind of duct. Looking through the view gave directly to the women's Jacuzzi room. It was a clear view of any of the naked ladies using the jacuzzi. Sure enough there were 3 ladies in the pool, all naked. My young cock instantly hardened at this horny sight and I proceeded to drink in and let spray with this sensory overload created by beautiful breasts with perky nipples. This was the beginning of absolutely 'wonderful sights'. There was one show I enjoyed the most, however.

Over time I came to know which ladies were the 'stars' of my own private porno show. Most of those women I would have gladly masturbated to and did in my mind, but my 'stars' always gave a special effort. These would be women that would wait until all the others left to have some private time. As soon as those other ladies were gone they would reposition themselves in front of one the jets and enjoy the throbbing pulses of water directed to their pussies and clits. Of course the ladies had their tennis lessons or games at various hours and I came to know which one came (pun not intended but funny anyway), when.

This one night 2 of my favourites booked courts for the same hour. I wondered what would happen?

After their showers, I was waiting there for them after a record time cleanup of the men's side. About 5 women came in, naked except for a towel here and there. They all went in slowly into the hot water as I studied their gorgeous bodies, the shape of their boobs and nipples. I drank in their pussies, their shapes and coiffure, shaved or not. I really enjoyed my 2 special ladies, both totally hot. I studied their faces. After a bit, the other 3 ladies left leaving both of them alone, soaking quietly with eyes closed......waiting. I could read both their minds 'is she ever going to leave?' I could actually feel the urgent need of each but this was a duel, a waiting game.

The seconds and minutes passed, my cock, hard in my hand, in the darkness. I watched and stroked my hardness. My breath came shallow wondering who was going to quit first. The routine release after a good tennis game was not going to happen for one unhappy young woman. Finally one, that had to go as her hubby was waiting, got up, got her towel and left. The winner, almost before the woman was through the door, was up against that jet, her favourite jet, with an urgency I had not seen before. I saw her face just release a sigh, a gloria halleluyah, to finally feel those tiny bubbles explode against her pussy. Those pulsating, flowing jets caressing and kneading that hungry nub. As she finally found the right spot her body was slightly bent to the left, her face perfectly turned towards me, her eyes closed tight.....concentrating.....only on that one feeling ...... that moment in time where you are totally in touch with the divine.......

The buildup had been so great, like good foreplay should be, the cat and mouse game, that the greatest moment that I'm sure, she had ever had until then, soon came. Her face contorted into such a beautiful sight at that moment, it is forever etched in my mind. I was so in tune with her that I came spraying against the wall at the same time as she came, spasm after spasm, over and over until I fell against the wall breathing hard, trying to recover from this simultaneous orgasm. I could actually taste her every feeling, emotion and PLEASURE We had been ONE. WOW!!!What a rush.....

Tennis anyone????



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