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Jack's Spanking

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Ever since "After School Spankings" (May 28, 2013), the long-awaited story of Jennifer watching Jack's spanking has been writing itself and burning a hole in my mind. This is Jack's version of it. We look forward to Jennifer's.


I got spankings from the time I was little through my teenage years and into college. Once in awhile my sister and I were spanked together, especially when we got in trouble together. Extra embarrassment and tension were in the air when my sister was involved. Sometimes we were spanked in our undies; other times we were required to undress completely, either on the spot or before coming down.

My sister and I kept to ourselves before, during, and after spankings so I never knew how she felt. I assumed it was different for her as a girl; that I was the only one who had complicated thoughts and feelings about it. Had I known she had sexual thoughts and feelings like mine, I would have felt more turned on and excited, I guess. Maybe even leading to mutual masturbation, as others have written about here.

Today was promising to be very different. Jennifer, a student at the university, who boarded with us and was a few months older than me, was going to be present for my spanking. I whined and protested when I was told that morning, but it got me nowhere. Jennifer had gotten in trouble for something too and would be receiving her own spanking before I came home. (She had gotten them growing up and her parents had encouraged my mom to continue spankings "to keep her in line during her freshman year.") I said it wasn't fair for Jennifer to get hers alone when mine had to be watched. "She requested that she get hers alone," my mom replied matter of factly. "It wouldn't be right to make her take hers with you, since she is not family." Again I protested: "Then how is it right that she gets to watch mine?" All I got was a little slap on the butt and "Because I want her there." 

All day at school and at my after-school job, I could not shake off the dread and the tension of knowing what was going to happen when I got home. 

As I entered the house there was an eery silence. It was dusk and the gathering darkness inside the house added to the sense of foreboding and the sexual tension gnawing at my guts. From the kitchen, I heard "Jack, you're late! Get undressed and get down here." I climbed the stairs to my room thinking "How undressed am I supposed to get, with Jennifer watching?" The voice from downstairs cut my consideration short. "Come down in your underpants and your bathrobe. And make it quick! I'm getting impatient."

Dragging myself into the little den where our spankings always happened, I saw Jennifer already standing there. I couldn't see much of her, as my eyes were downcast, but I did see that she was wearing a short cotton dress and black leggings. The hair that she usually wore up was hanging loosely over her shoulders. Mom was seated in her favorite chair wearing a housecoat that was open in front, so I could see the bra and slip that she wore underneath. On a table beside her, the things she used to spank us with were neatly laid out, as usual.

While I stood there in my robe and undies, mom gave Jennifer a long explanation of why we have spankings in this house, what I had done to deserve this spanking, and why she had chosen to give me three spankings instead of one today. The spankings would be ten strokes each, and I would be expected to stand up and apologize after each spanking. The first spanking would be across her lap and administered using the large wooden paddle. I would have my underpants on to protect my skin, as the paddle had holes of various sizes scattered across it. The second spanking would be over the back of her big leather chair, which at eighteen I still had to stand on my tiptoes to bend over. She explained to Jennifer that my underpants would be pulled down in back to feel the sting of the smaller paddle on my bare skin. For the third spanking, I would take my underpants all the way off and bend over her lap for "a good bare bottom spanking."

My mind fast forwarded to all the moments and all the ways in which Jennifer would see me. The very prospect of it was scary and exciting, not to mention strange. There was the sheer humiliation of being spanked in front of a girl I barely knew and thought was cute. There was the embarrassment of having to assume the awkward positions with Jennifer watching. And of course, being increasingly naked in front of her while she was fully clothed. Depending on her angle, she would see my bare ass and some or all of my dick. She might see my body writhing to avoid the smacks, and then recoiling from them. She might hear me moan; even cry out.

My mom's strident voice intruded on my thoughts. On command, I took off my robe and stood by her chair for the first spanking...

(To be continued)



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