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Jacking With My Roommate - 2

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Threesome? Not...exactly...


Like the first time, every so often when my roommate was on cam with his girlfriend, they wanted me to come down and join them and we would all masturbate to completion. Sometimes it was all solo, sometimes she wanted us to stroke each other off. We did that a couple times before he convinced her it wasn't exactly fair and that she should have someone else with her too. She said she would try to find someone, and about a week later she did. the four of us were all watching each other masturbate, but even though her friend said she was up for it, about halfway through she started to seem a little uncomfortable. Though she came, it was the only time she did it with us, and she said it was a little weird for her being naked in front of so many people, especially since she didn't know me and barely knew my roommate.

By the time December came around, he found out that he wasn't exactly doing great in his classes, probably from all the distractions in our dorm room. After thinking about it for a few days he decided he wasn't coming back after Christmas break and was going to try to enroll in a local school after he moved back home. It sucked because we had gotten so close since the start of the semester, but I understood because it was probably the best thing for him to do.

About a week before we were let out for break, he told me that she was going to visit him until he left. She wasn't supposed to be staying on the floor because she wasn't a student there, but what did he care? He was going to be gone in a week anyway. We had both decided that it wouldn't be right if I fooled around with her, but they weren't shy about being naked and having sex with me in the room. Usually they did it when I was in class or I went to shower to give them time alone (and to masturbate, myself), but there were a couple times before class when I openly masturbated in my bunk with them underneath me. Even though we had seen each other on cam, it was a little different with us all being naked together, especially after I just had an orgasm and my half-floppy penis was poking out in front of her.

The day before we were going to leave I came back from my classes and they were laying in bed, kind of fooling around, and of course they were naked. I set down my stuff and was about to climb into my bunk when they asked me if I wanted to stay down there with them. I started getting a little nervous, but I said sure and sat down on the edge of the bed. She then said "no no, take those clothes off and get in with us." I stood back off and peeled everything off then got into their bed, half-laying down at their feet. She then said she wanted us to masturbate together before we all left, and she brushed my cock with her little toes and said to get hard and start stroking. She didn't have to tell me twice and in about a minute both of us were hard as steel and were stroking ourselves wildly. She didn't shy away either, as her legs were spread apart and she was digging deep into her wet pussy. I was the first to cum, just letting it fly and land wherever and he wasn't far behind, and after he came he leaned over and started licking her clit, moments later making her shudder and cum hard.

After all of our orgasms we just laid there talking for a while, bullshitting and talking about how we were going to miss each other. This went on for maybe 20 minutes when I started getting hard again. When she saw that my erection came back she whispered something into his ear and he sat there for a couple seconds and then said "yeah OK, I'll do it." I didn't know what they were talking about and then she crawled over to me and said "just relax, he's going to suck your cock." At first I didn't want him to do it and then she gave me those puppy dog eyes and pouted her lip. She then whispered to him again and he agreed to it, then she whispered to me "if you let him...I'll let you lick my pussy." I sat there for what seemed like forever before I told her "well....sure, OK." She squealed and clapped and sat back and told him to go ahead. He just looked at me and smiled and shrugged and leaned over, taking my cock into his mouth. At first I was really weirded out by it, but after a minute it really started feeling good. I never had a blowjob before and it actually felt fantastic, even if it was from another guy. A few more minutes went by and I started feeling it, so I told him I was going to cum so he stopped and I started stroking again, seconds later shooting a huge load in front of me. She told us that what we did was fucking hot and she was almost dripping horny, so she grabbed my shoulders and laid me down, then crawled up and straddled my face. I started licking her pussy and immediately she started moaning and breathing heavy. I couldn't see anything but soon after I could hear him start to grunt and she whispered "oh yeah, masturbate while he's licking my pussy..." She kept whispering dirty shit to him and he said things back, telling her to grind on me and to cum on my face. It didn't take much longer before she started bucking around and then leaned forward and said she was cumming, then I felt her pussy contract and her juices ended up all over my face. She then rolled off of me and I could see him standing there stroking his penis like his life depended on it, and seconds later he lurched forward and came on her chest. He milked out every drop he could and by the time he came we were exhausted. He climbed onto her and started kissing her, but it wasn't long before they were both asleep. I figured I may as well take a nap too so I just stayed still and drifted off for a while. The rest of the night was a blur. I didn't actually have sex with her but we all masturbated a couple more times before I climbed up into my bed and passed out, bare-ass naked on top of the sheets.

I wont get into the next day because nothing happened between us and it was more of an emotional thing than anything else, but we did stay in touch and a few times I masturbated online watching the both of them, and them me. The next roommate I had was an OK guy, but it was nothing like what he had before. Even now when I am masturbating I think about that night, me licking her to an orgasm, he sucking me off and all the orgasms we shared with each other.



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