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Jacking With My Friend

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My friend and I get each other off all the time now, but none of our friends know.


My friend and I have been jerking each other off for about a year now. None of our friends know about it, though. It happened after a party, I went over to his place and we messed around and started looking at porn and we still had that party vibe and he pulled down his pants and started jerking off and so did I. It was really fucking hot, but we didn't talk about it for about two weeks, and then one night he said, 'Hey, remember what we did? You want to come over and do it again?' I said I sure did and this time we really got into it and it was the hottest thing ever. He has an awesome cock and shoots lots of cum. I'm kind of shy but he makes lots of noise and grunts and shit and that turns me on a whole lot. We didn't even look at any porn, just pulled our pants down and watched each other. We jacked off for two or three hours we were so hot. We couldn't stop, didn't want to stop.

Well, one time, maybe the next time we got together, we'd cum a couple of times and he was sitting with a limp cock, and I wanted to touch it and get him off. So I did. I sat in front of him and gave him a long, hot jerk off. Wow, I'd never ever done that, but it was totally hot and he was moaning and begging to cum, and after he got off, I didn't even think but stood up and jerked off in front of him and my cum shot all over him. He didn't care, he was still high from his dick getting stroked.

Later, we had the 'are we gay? talk and we're totally into girls and what we were doing was so hot that we didn't care anyway. So about every week or two we hang out and play with each others cocks. One night we stayed at his folks house when they were gone, and they have a sauna and we got in and after we couldn't stand it any more we got out and sat on the floor and wrapped our legs around each other and he jerked off our cocks together. We were both grinding hard against each other, and he was groaning so LOUD like he was fucking or something, and that was awesome. Well, I had this fantasy, and that night in his bedroom, I asked if he wanted to slide his dick along my crack and get off that way, so he said sure and first he talked a bunch about how he wanted so badly to fuck this girl Doris and talking about her tits and what her pussy must be like, and then I lay on his bed had he humped me like that as if I was Doris. I was so stiff and excited, after he came I jumped on top of him and did the same thing but I came right away. There was cum all over his bed, and so we had to strip the sheets and wash them that night and were running around the house naked.

Like I said none of our friends know what we're doing they'd probably be shocked, except there is one guy we think might go for it but we're afraid to say anything. Some time we'll get the chance. We both date of course, but don't get much pussy, and jerking each other off together is totally hot anyway, I mean, we've both said we've had the most awesome orgasms ever together. I mean, I was always into masturbation, and this is totally awesome masturbation, what can I say? Do you think we're gay for doing this?



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