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Jacking With My Best Friend

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When I was a teenager, my best friend was named Justin. Me and him were always. People started to think that we were brothers, since we both had blonde hair and were fairly tall. We initially lived across town, but he soon moved with his family next door. We preferred to have our sleepovers at his house, since he had a pool and a massive backyard at both houses. His and my parents were really cool with everything, even sexual things.

For example, Justin and I never had to hide our masturbation sessions, whether we were separate, or together at one of our houses. We had done the standard experimenting that many young teens do at our age, and had masturbated each other enjoying it quite a bit. We had experimented with homosexuality, and decided we were at the very least bisexual. We had kissed and made out several times in the past.

If that wasn't enough, our parents even let us go around naked. As soon as we got to our houses, our clothes came off, regardless of the season. Where we lived, it stayed about 80 degrees Fahrenheit year round. Our parents were even cool with us watching porn, including in front of them. They were the best.

As you can see, we had several sleepovers. The best was probably one of our sleepovers in the summer. We were sixteen at the time, and our parents were out of town for their second honeymoon (it was like a double date, don't ask). Our parents trusted us enough to let us be alone for the whole four days that they were gone.

The moment our parents left, we walked to his house, wearing only a pair of tan cargo shorts, and flip-flops. We would have been naked, but that wouldn't have worked out well, since our neighborhood was very open, architecturally at least. Anyway, once we got in his house, we stripped down to our birthday suits. We just hung out like normal teens for the first few hours, playing video games and watching TV.

At about 8pm, we decided to go swimming in his pool. Justin's pool and backyard were awesome, since he also had a hot tub, and his pool was about 20 feet long, and its deepest point was at 8 feet. In short, we had fun whenever we swam. We eagerly jumped in the pool and swam around for about twenty minutes. We passed each other on our laps, and I brushed up against something hard. We both stopped and looked at each other. I started to laugh and asked, 'Was that your pet shark, or are you just happy to see me?'. He laughed and replied, 'With a body like yours, I'm always happy to see you!' He was serious, and so was I.

I swam over to him and grabbed a tight hold of his cock. He gasped and I let go. I made for the hot tub, but he caught me before I could get out of the pool. He started to slowly jerk me off, but I told him to wait until later. He whined for a bit, but complied. We both got out of the pool and walked to the hot tub. We slid in, and Justin started the jets.

We both noticed the sun sinking behind the horizon, and night fell. We continued to talk until the conversation came to the topic of hot girls and guys that we had seen, in addition to our masturbatory habits, despite seeing each other jerk it all the time at home.

I noticed that we were both getting very hard, with the tip of my dick sticking out of the water (it was shallow water, and my dick is only 6'). Suddenly, Justin moved closer to me and placed his hand around my now hard cock. I leaned my head back and let him do what we both wanted him to do. He slowly moved his warm hand up and down my veiny shaft. I could feel my cock throb in time with his strokes. I laid my head on his shoulder and whispered, 'Let's take this inside.'

Sadly, he took his hand off my dick and we moved into the house. On the stairs, we forced our lips together, and I could feel our hard cocks rubbing together as we came closer. His bedroom door swung open and we collapsed on the bed. His hand grabbed me once again. His hand moved just where I wanted it to. His thumb rubbed my cock head and smeared my precum all over the tip. He covered his hand in my fluid and licked his fingers clean. His other hand wandered to my balls and kneaded them sensually.

He rose for a moment and adjusted his position. He put the tip of his dick to the tip of mine and continued to make long strokes that covered both our cocks. I couldn't take it any longer and just let loose with the most cum I had ever produced. Justin was close to the point of no return before, but my hot cum sent him over the edge. His cum mingled with mine and we lay there panting. We kissed, and fell asleep on his bed.



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