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Jacking With James at the Cottage

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When I was growing up in my later teen years I was very active masturbating as often as I could depending on how much time I had to myself. I would masturbate at the drop of a hat!! Any time was a good time to jack off for me.

I had a fetish to masturbate with another person watching me or to watch another masturbate. Being I was a nerdy looking kid, skinny & tall at the time, girls were not knocking down my door. By the time I was 20 I had pushed enough weight around to grown into a nice lean but muscular body that the girls just loved. I was 20 before I had my first girl then after that nothing could stop me.

I grew up & became this tall skinny kid with my cock was my friend. I was 6'2' by age 16 with an 8 inch cock that almost never went soft. One of my greatest desires was to jack off while somebody watched me even though it was only a dream until the summer I turned 18.

My friend James never stopped talking about sex, girls & jacking off. Even though most of his comments were negative about jacking I knew it was something he must have done allot of. He too was a tall skinny kid & even though he was a year older than me he still had no muscle to speak of.

My family allowed me to invite a friend to our cottage a few times each summer. I love that cottage & still go today with my wife & kids. The summer I turned 18 I invited James for the first time. Whenever I had a friend over we would have to sleep in the bunkie in the bunk beds down by the lake.

On the first night James & I went to the bunkie it was the best of all. The cottage was up the hill & behind the trees so my parents could not see us at all. We waited for the lights to go out through the trees then made our way to the water to skinny dip. We talked about girls before our dip & in the moonlight I could see James had a good hard erection when we stripped off to swim. I too had a good stiff one & the cool water did not make it go away. We made sure to be quiet as we waded in then once we finished we stood naked in the moonlight. James' cock was a good size or at least it looked that way. We went inside & right away I started to talk about how I jacked every night before going to sleep. James told me he did the same thing so I took asked if we should do it now so we can sleep better. Soon we were sitting on each end of the bottom bunk facing each other talking about girls & bragging about our cocks. James told me he could jack for a long time without ejaculating. He said he could get close to cuming then let go of his cock & squeeze his groin muscles until the feeling went away. I was amazed to find he did this unnamed thing because I too was good at keeping my orgasm away for as long as I wanted.

James told me he would bet me that he could last longer than I could. We ended up shaking hands on a bet that one of us could outlast the other in a jacking contest. I went outside then pulled out my stashed bottle of Vaseline that I kept hidden outside the door under the cabin.

I popped off the lid & after taking a large gob of the wonderful slippery goo, then handed it to James. As I coated my hard cock I watched James do the same. We must have jacked out cocks for over an hour stopping & starting very often. The slopping sounds were very loud at times as we jacked our cocks never stopping until we could feel our cum about to spew. Each time one of us would stop the other would watch as our balls pulled tights to out bodies. Back then neither one of us had hair on our balls, just the normal amount above our cocks.

It was very exciting to know I had a good friend that loved jacking as much as I did. We talked so much about our cocks that it was almost like a science lesson. James was the one who pointed out how our balls pulled tight to out bodies when we got close to ejaculating. We soon watched very close when the other guy got close to ejaculation just to see what his balls & cock were going through. I made the excuse that we had to make sure we were both normal so I told James we should each watch once we come to see if we both react the same. I told James he could cum first but it was only so I could keep that high sexual feeling while I cam last with him watching my balls pull up into my body.

I told James it was time he came & I'd make sure to take good notice of his balls & cock. I got close to his groin then told him not to stop this time. He took a new small gob of slippery Vaseline then stroked his cock nice & hard. As he got close to ejaculating his balls pulled up tight to the bottom of his cock then they almost sucked inside his body. He squirted huge long ropes of cum into the air & one long rope landed on my arm. I was a bit taken back by being ejaculated on but seconds later it made me even more horny than I was.

James got himself together then asked if his balls looked normal to me. I told him how they looked & that he should make sure mine looked the same. I already had a good lube going so I just started to stroke my cock slowly but with long hard strokes. I too did not take long before my ejaculation was about to happen. I pressed my hips forward then held my cock tight at the bottom holding what little foreskin I have tight to the bottom so it would not move. With my other hand I slid back & forth over my slippery shaft rubbing only the exposed cock & with no foreskin moving or covering the shaft & head. My orgasm was hard & long with the long ropes of cum squirting just like James' did & farther than normal because I was so horny. I did not get any on James but I did squirt high & hard. James told me my balls were tight to my body too so we must be normal. That was our excuse for jacking off for each other & to watch. It was great!

James & I jacked with each other allot during those few days. James asked me later if it was a gay thing we did & I told him no, we were just having fun with our cocks. James was the last guy I ever jacked with other than when I watched two girls licking each other before I got married. Then I was with 5 other guys & 2 I did not know. It was a nice thing to do though.

Today I still have this thing for watching younger guys in early twenties jack their cocks on video. As long as their bodies are skinny & hair free I enjoy watching. I think it's because it takes me back to my days when I Jacked with James & so many times daily by myself when girls would not have anything to do with me. Other than that, it's women all the way.

By the way, I'm now 208 pounds of muscle with almost no fat on my body.....but I still love to jack even with a hot wife.



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