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Jacking With a Friend

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I have this friend named Jack. Jack and I had been friends since fourth grade, and we hung out a lot together, but usually in the summer time we hung out less for some reason or another. At the time we were both about 16 and had 6 inch cocks.

This particular time when we decided to get together, we had talked on the phone beforehand, as we often did (this wasn't strange or anything). He said to me that he wanted to spend the night, and after I had okayed it with my mom, I said yes. We somehow agreed that we would have a masturbation contest to find out who could do it faster-me or Jack. So in a little while Jack came over, and he told me he had brought a video with him. He said it was something for us to watch while we jacked off so that it would be easier. But in my head, I was thinking, 'Well easier for you maybe. But I don't care about the video. I just know that I really want to see your dick.' He was obviously not bothered by us doing this, but he wanted to wait until later after we had something to eat.

We were watching some tv, and it was around 11pm. I figured any minute now that Jack was going to say we could have our contest. I of course was very excited with the whole idea. I knew I could come faster than him, and I wanted to finally see his dick. I did not, however, want to be the first to mention that we should get started soon, as I didn't want to appear gay or anything. I AM gay, so I was trying really hard not to seem too happy that he had even agreed to do this with me in the first place.

We talked a little more about it and he said he had never done anything like this with another guy before. He made himself clear that he didn't want to see my dick and he wasn't going to let me see his, which I though was ridiculous. We were sitting next to eachother on the couch in my room, so the only way for him to hide it was to put a cushion in between our legs or whatever. Seeing as we were both sitting up I could see over the cushion very well. He put in the video and said we had to start at the same time to make it fair. So we pulled down our pants and started jerking.

The video was utterly boring for me. It was of a woman and a man...and probably two women somewhere along the line. It was one of those erotic ones that only shows the breasts and asses and nothing else. But I didn't care. I kept my eyes glued to the screen and attempted to look interested as I jerked my dick, but I could see Jack stroking his on the other side of the cushion in my side view. We said things every once and a while. Usually Jack would say something like, 'That chick has huge boobs,' and I would agree only half heartedly. Him and I had about the same size dick, even though he claimed to have a 6.5 inch cock. I couldn't really verify that since he didn't want me even looking at it, let alone coming near him to actually find out for myself. I will say I got some good peeks though. I knew the only reason I was so hard was because Jack was sitting right next to me jerking off.

He said he was getting close and I knew I was, too. I had been going now for like 15 minutes since I had divided my attention between the stupid video and Jack's cock. He had a towel with him that he told me he used to come into when he was done. I didn't have anything, but I usually just let the semen fly anyway. I could feel it in my dick that I was about to shoot. I said, 'I'm gonna come!' I grunted and let loose. I shot onto my shirt and groaned again. Jack had looked and made a disgusted sound, even though I think inside he actually liked watching me come. It didn't take him very long to finish, but when he came he held the towel up to his dick head, so I didn't see him actually shoot.

The contest was over and I had won. It wasn't really all that fun seeing as I never got to do anything more than that. Jack and I did this again not long afterward in a seperate visit, and he decided later on after we were done, to jack off again by himself. I did the same thing as before and pretended not to care, but I really did. I had fun jacking off with my friend Jack.



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