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Jacking Off With Josh

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This story just happened yesterday with a coworker of mine who decided to come over and work out with me at 5:00 a.m. in the morning. I had always left the invitation open, telling Josh he could always stop by and use my equipment to stay in shape. Josh knocked on my door and I was surprised to hear anybody at this hour but told him to come on in. Since it was morning I still just had on my bathrobe and nylon bikini underwear. I tied my robe up and Josh got started on the weights and I was riding the bike. Josh was wearing nylon pants and a t-shirt and asked if he could get more comfortable like me and I said sure. I had taken my robe mostly off as I was getting hot from riding the bike and watching Josh's hot body lift weight. Josh was about 5'10' and 165 lbs and stayed and looked in great shape. Josh unbuttoned his warmup pants from the sides and let them fall to the ground and also pulled his tee shirt up and over his head. There he stood in just his white nylon briefs with his cock forming a big bulge that neither of us could not notice. I stood up and let my bathrobe fall off my shoulders and rubbed my hard cock though my briefs. I had mirrors on the walls and I stood next to Josh and we looked so damn hot standing next to each other with hardons barely contained by our briefs. Josh said all of this was new to him and was breathing faster and faster. I reached inside the pocket of my bathrobe and pulled out some baby oil and told Josh to let my hands have some fun exploring his body. I had Josh lay back on the bench and squirted the oil on his firm chest and rubbed my hands around his tits and pulled on them till they were hard. By now Josh's hard dick was totally visible pushing out the top of his briefs. I scooted him down a little and poured more oil on his legs and massaged the oil in working his hard tight muscles stopping just short of his crotch, his cock head was leaking precome through the nylon of his shorts and we both so excited we could hardly stand it. All these years and we were finally playing out my fantasy. I next took the baby oil directly above his hard penis in his bikini briefs and dripped it over it's length and the head till his briefs became transparent and you could see his whole 7' hard dick outlined in his white underwear. I laid on top of Josh and rubbed our dicks together through our underwear, we rolled off onto the floor and continued hugging each other and stroking our dicks together. I pulled Josh up to his feet and kissed him lightly on his lips and took my hands and slowly lowered his oil soaked briefs down his legs till he could step out of them. Josh immediately did the same to me and we grabbed each other's hard dick and started stroking each other hardons. I stepped closer and put my 6' dick up against Josh hard dick and held them together and started stroking us faster and faster. I looked at him and smiled and he did the same, looking down seeing our dicks move together through my hand was too much for the both of us. Josh reached out and pinched my tits and that sent me over the edge as I beat faster and blasted a load that shot up and all over Josh's big head. Josh came almost at the same time and sent 5 good shots all over me, my still hard dick, and my stomach. Both of us held on to each other we were shaking so bad from one of the best comes of our lives. I brought my hand up to Josh mouth and he sucked my fingers till he had a mouth full of both of our loads then I leaned over and kissed him sharing the load again with me. Josh was still hard too so we laid down on the carpet opposite each other and sucked other dicks. I loved sucking on Josh's hot hard dick till it blasted it's second load down my throat. I pulled out of Josh's mouth sat on his chest and let fly my second load all over his chest and face. He was painted with my come as I bent over and licked it all off. Our wives hopefully will never find out about our fun day working out together and Josh says three days a week we need to get together for some more serious exercise and fun.



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